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Sketching on Location by Glenn Vilppu


Release date:2018, June

Duration:08 h 03 m

Author:Glenn Vilppu

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

Whether you’re a fine artist or involved in animation and entertainment, the ability to sketch swiftly from nature is a crucial skill. Renowned artist Glenn Vilppu, with over 50 years of experience in the fine arts, invites you to master the art of sketching environments, people, and animals on location. Sketching from life is a time-honored tradition that not only enhances your portfolio but also serves as a standalone art form.

Course Overview:

1. Watercolor Sketching on Location:
Join Glenn Vilppu, a celebrated artist with a renaissance approach to drawing and painting, as he shares insights gained from five decades in the fine arts industry. Learn techniques for watercolor sketching on location and discover how to turn your sketchbook into a valuable tool for skill improvement and artistic expression.

2. Watercolor Sketching on Location: Part 2 | Visual Planes for Landscapes:
In this lesson, Glenn delves into the use of visual planes—foreground, middleground, and background—to enhance your landscape compositions. Utilize basic artistic principles to create volumetric images that convey meaning and story. Explore modifications to shadows and shapes, diverging from reality, and gain a deeper understanding through multiple thumbnails and iterations.

3. Watercolor Sketching on Location: Part 3 | Children at Play:
Glenn demonstrates the importance of drawing real people engaged in real activities. Drawing quick sketches from life, he captures his grandchildren and wife playing in the backyard. Embrace the challenge of drawing from life as it unfolds, moving beyond specific subjects or hired models. Overcome the chaos of dynamic scenes, such as college campuses or festivals, and train your mind and hand to capture figures and compositions swiftly.

4. Watercolor Sketching Animals on Location:
Embark on-location with the NMA production team to witness Glenn Vilppu drawing a variety of animals at his California ranch. Gain insights into the fundamental structural differences between species and understand how conceptualizing an animal’s anatomy contributes to interpreting their behaviors. Glenn’s interpretative approach and informative lecture will prepare you for sketching animals on the farm.

Join Glenn Vilppu and elevate your sketching skills, transforming the practice into a lifelong habit and enriching your artistic journey.

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