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Master Class: Cinematic Illustrations [Coloso, Guweiz, Group Buy]


Release date:2024, February

Duration:23 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Join the Journey with Guweiz Creating 4 Cinematic Scenes in Illustration​

Start an artistic journey led by the incredible illustrator, Guweiz. Explore the techniques that define his unique style and learn the ropes of professional illustration.
Dive into the art of storytelling, mastering various compositional techniques to make each scene powerful and emotive. Discover the knack for designing characters and settings that not only grab attention but also tell a compelling story. Join in, and let Guweiz guide you in unlocking the secrets of illustration that goes beyond the surface.

Learn unravel Guweiz’s mastery of visual storytelling by honing skills in visual harmony and expressive posing. Dive into the world of dynamic posing and gestures, where characters come alive through emotionally charged postures. Explore the art of breathing life into illustrations, making them more than just images but narratives in motion.

Master the Art with Guweiz, the Illustrator with 1M+ Followers​
Master art fundamentals and advanced techniques with Guweiz, who has collaborated with industry giants like Bandai Namco, Mynet, Gamefreak, Square Enix, Pixiv, and more. Gain insights into professional techniques and tools to enhance your artistic journey.

The Complete Encyclopedia on 4 Cinematic Illustrations​

  1. Concept Building
    • Reference
    • Moodboard
  2. Visual Concept
    • ldeation
    • Storytelling
    • Cinematic composition techniques
    • 4 concept designs
  3. Sketching
    • How to sketch
    • Character design
    • Placement composition
    • Environment setting
  4. Local Values
    • Greyscale painting
    • Efficient way to implement
    • Adding local values
    • Importance of ‘reading’
  5. Lighting
    • Edges. forms and structures
    • Mood 8. atmosphere
    • Dark and Moody
    • Bright and Warm
    • Outdoors and Indoors
  6. Color
    • Importance of color
    • Hair. skintone and costume design
    • Color theories
  7. Character Drawing
    • Gesture and movement
    • Dynamic energy
    • Character anatomy
  8. Environment
    • Scale and proportion
    • Patterns

You can find more details by following this link.

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  1. does a groupbuy means only those who pay can have it or we have to wait a year or so to have it for free? May i ask

      • Haha you are funny.. I know you already gave away so many things free and I am grateful for that. Thank you so much, If It’s possible, add the course here.. If It’s not then that’s fine. I will save up and maybe buy one day thank you

        • how can I make it free? There is a whole economics system on GBC ))).
          We had to pay in advance to make this course available for the community

          • From what i undertood that it won’t be possible to share it in this website strawberry? i’m actually so grateful too for all the awesome courses you provided us with, despite the Obstacles u faced , but i still hope one day if it’s possible i hope you share it with us, i respect GUWEIZ sensei alot and if i was able to afford it i would have pay it myself, unfortunatly, in any way thank you again! i won’t be selfish but i will hope at least

  2. In the purchase stage it says Product distribution right now, so I assume that the group buy was a success? If so will the course be added to this website?

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