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The 100-Chapter Guide for Utilizing Blender’s Shader and Geometry Nodes [Coloso, Anna, Group Buy]


Release date:2023, October

Duration:23 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The First Blender Node Course Ever, Specialized Curriculum Beyond Korea and Abroad
Discover the 3D video that leaves viewers in awe!

Are you looking for an easy way to create stunning animations without complex key operations?​

Learn from YouTubers who have gained global acclaim by harnessing NIL nodes. From mastering the basic principles of Anna Nodes to delving into advanced techniques, this comprehensive course covers over 100 rivers of knowledge.
Explore more than 50 key features of shaders and geometry nodes, brought to life through captivating examples that unleash your imagination.
In this class, you’ll learn to master the latest features, including animation, hair systems, and simulations, all through the power of nodes.
Check out the portfolio of 3D Artist Anna, featuring lectures that break down the complexities of node systems and remove barriers to learning.
Don’t miss out on the abundance of practical applications and valuable tips that can be applied immediately.

Dive into 50 high-quality practice examples, including:​

Part 01: Shader Nodes

  • Shader Node Basics
  • Material Creation Using Images
  • Procedural Textures

Part 02: Geometry Node

  • Geometry Node Basics
  • Intermediate Geometry Node
  • Advanced Geometry Node
  • Simulation Node

Part 03: Node Project ‘Animation Production’

Class Features:​

Introduction to the Blender Node System that adds a new dimension to your work
Structurally access the shader and geometry nodes of the blender, allowing you to create existing shader and geometry nodes. 3D modeling and texture representation that wasn’t possible with key work alone Implement it in a more sophisticated and efficient way.

Shader & Geometry nodes understood based on principles
Why did you connect nodes that were classified by type, and what ideas The fundamental ‘ principle of whether you can complete the desired node tree
Expand your thinking about ‘ and equip it with application power.

You can find more details by following this link.
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