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Telling a Story with Creative Cloud Express


Release date:2022

Author:Richard Harrington

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Graphic design is all about telling stories. In this course, author Rich Harrington shows you how to tell your story with Adobe Creative Cloud Express, the free web-based design tool that’s also available on iOS and Android. If you have access to the premium features, you may be interested in the tutorials that cover building out your brand by uploading assets such as logos and custom fonts to Creative Cloud Express.

Explore the feature-rich toolsets that fall under the Express umbrella. Learn how to create graphics for print or web, create dynamic web pages and presentations, and build short video stories that meet the unique needs of your project. Rich gives you the tools you need to manage the content and templates you have stored in Creative Cloud Express, including backing up and syncing content across desktop and mobile.

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01. Introduction
001. Telling a story with Adobe Creative Cloud Express
002. Using the exercise files

02. An Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud Express
003. How to access Adobe Creative Cloud Express
004. Creating a project with the templates browser
005. What Adobe Creative Cloud Express is great for

03. Preparing Your Content for Adobe Creative Cloud Express
006. Accessing public domain content
007. Uploading your content via the browser
008. Uploading your content via the app
009. Accessing content via the cloud
010. Choosing content from Adobe Stock

04. Creating a Brand for Use with Adobe Creative Cloud Express
011. Managing a brand
012. Adding logos to a brand
013. Adding colors to a brand
014. Adding fonts to your brand
015. Branded surfaces and branded templates

05. Creating Graphics with Adobe Creative Cloud Express
016. Creating and sizing a graphic
017. Choosing a design preset for your graphic
018. Experimenting with layout options
019. Adding photos to your design
020. Adjusting the color palette of your design
021. Adjusting the background of your design
022. Stylizing your type
023. Sharing a graphic
024. A second design using Creative Cloud Express mobile Part one
025. A second design using Creative Cloud Express mobile Part two

06. Creating Stories with Adobe Creative Cloud Express
026. Creating a web page and choosing a theme
027. Adding text to a web page
028. Adding photos to a web page
029. Adding multiple photos with a photo grid
030. Adding multiple photos with Glideshow
031. Using a split layout to combine text and photos
032. Adding video to a page
033. Adding buttons for interactivity
034. Previewing a page
035. Publishing and making updates to a page
036. A second page using Spark Page Mobile

07. Working with Videos with Adobe Creative Cloud Express
037. Creating a video and choosing a theme
038. Customizing layouts for a theme
039. Working with text in your video
040. Adding images to slides
041. Adding and working with video
042. Working with icons
043. Adding music and setting durations to your video
044. Recording your own narration for your video
045. Saving and publishing your video
046. A second video using Spark Video Mobile

08. Saving Time with Quick Actions
047. How to resize an image
048. How to remove the background from a photo
049. Converting to a JPG or PNG file
050. How to trim and resize a video
051. How to merge multiple videos
052. How to create a GIF from a video
053. How to convert to or from PDF

09. Managing Your Content
054. Syncing your designs
055. Duplicating a design
056. Deleting content

10. Conclusion
057. Next steps
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