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SynthEyes Essential Training (2015) by Brian Morse


Release date:2015, August

Duration:02 h 34 m

Author:Brian Morse

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to the world of 3D tracking with SynthEyes! In this course, led by expert instructor Brian Morse, you’ll learn essential tools and techniques for creating accurate 3D solves using SynthEyes software. 3D tracking is the foundation for advanced visual effects in films and commercials, and SynthEyes is a powerful tool capable of handling complex camera moves and object tracking.

The course begins with a quick start guide, helping you get up and running with SynthEyes quickly. You’ll learn how to analyze a shot, compensate for lens distortion, and utilize both manual and automatic features to achieve the best camera solve possible. Understanding these foundational techniques is crucial for ensuring accurate 3D tracking results.

As the course progresses, you’ll dive into more advanced techniques, such as object tracking with a moving camera. This will expand your capabilities and allow you to tackle more complex tracking challenges.

Additionally, the course covers exporting your 3D tracking data to various animation packages, including After Effects, NUKE, Maya, and CINEMA 4D. This knowledge will enable you to seamlessly integrate your tracked footage into your chosen animation software, opening up endless possibilities for creating stunning visual effects.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced visual effects artist, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in 3D tracking using SynthEyes. Join Brian Morse and embark on a journey to master this essential technique and take your visual effects work to new heights. Get ready to create impressive and realistic camera moves and object tracking effects that will captivate audiences worldwide!

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01)Quick Start

1) Importing and evaluating footage
2) Automatic tracking
3) Solving and refining
4) Setting up a coordinate system
5) Exporting to other software


2)Using the exercise files
3)Interface overview
4)Preferences overview
5) Matching-moving process
6)Camera basics
7) Photogrammetry

02)Setting up our project

Analyzing the shot
Image preprocessing
Setting up prediction modes for our shot
Shot and project settings

03)Lens Distortion and Camera Settings

Distortion workflows
Manually finding lens distortion
Overview of lens distortion
Using a lens grid to find the lens distortion
Using Calculate Lens Distortion

04)Masking and Roto

Adding trackers to roto shapes
Overview of masking and roto
Setting up roto for cameras and objects
Using alpha channels for roto


Automatic tracking
Combining trackers
Features panel (semiautomatic)
Supervised tracking
Zero weight trackers

06)Examining and refining your tracks

Adding many trackers
Cleaning up trackers
Quick check
SimulTrack view
Using the Graph Editor

07)Solving the camera

Overview of the solver
Refining the solve
Solving the shot

08)Setting up the coordinate system

3-point coordinate setup
Automatic placement
Manual alignment
Overview of the coordinate system


Adding 3D objects
Mesh creation

10)Tripod shot

3D alignment
Overview of tripod moves
Setting up a tripod shot

11)Object tracking

Object tracking
Overview of object tracking
Solving for a joint moving camera and object

12)Exporting to animation packages

Exporting to After Effects
Exporting to CINEMA 4D
Exporting to Maya
Exporting to NUKE
Overview of export


Whats next-

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[LinkedIn] SynthEyes Essential Training (2015) by Brian Morse.7z.002.rar
[LinkedIn] SynthEyes Essential Training (2015) by Brian Morse_Subtitles.7z

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