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Learn Character Creation For Games


Release date:2018

Author:Jarad Vincent

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In order to work toward a career as a Character Artist, you need to build your portfolio with high quality character art. What would be better than having a head start, learning the foundation of sculpting stunning characters with someone who’s worked in the industry?

In this course, Jarad Vincent will help you simplify that task by demonstrating proven strategies that he uses in production every day.

This character creation course will consist of 10 weeks of LIVE demonstrations and reviews. You’ll learn core game artist skills and be part of a community of artists all working to achieve next level quality in their work.

Most importantly, You’ll learn how to leverage amazing software like ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, and Substance Painter. You’ll be using professional workflows to create a portfolio ready game character that will impress.

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01 Fundamentals Of Character Sculpting In ZBrush
02 Introduction-1
03 Basemesh-2
04 Generating Polygroups-3
05 Modifying Polygroups-4
06 Modifying Panel Loops-5
07 Using Dynamesh In The Workflow-6
08 Workflow Continuation-7
09 Insert Meshes-8
10 Intro To 3ds Max & Some Q&a-9

02 Detailing And Rigging In ZBrush And 3DS Max
02 Introduction-1
03 Creating Alphas With 3dsmax And Zbrush P1-2
04 Creating Alphas With 3dsmax And Zbrush P2-3
05 Creating Alphas With 3dsmax And Zbrush P3-4
06 Creating Alphas With 3dsmax And Zbrush P4-5
07 Preparing The Model For Posing And Rigging-6
08 Rigging The Character P1-7
10 Posing-8
9 Rigging The Character P2-9

03 Learn to make straps and other assets while UV’ing them in the process
02 Recap & Preparing Model For 3ds Max-1
03 Creating Straps In 3ds Max Part 1-2
04 Creating Straps In 3ds Max Part 2-3
05 Creating Assets With Double Turbosmooth Modifiers Part 1-4
06 Creating Assets With Double Turbosmooth Modifiers Part 2-5
07 Creating Uvs With Uvmaster & Uvlayout-6
08 Uvlayout Continued & Detailing With Noisemaker-7
09 Sculpting Techniques On The Pack-8
10 Josephs Party Trick, Creating Brushes & Some Q&a-9

04 Create a shirt add wrinkles and retopologize it
02 Asset Management-1
03 Shirt – Wrinkle Overview And Marvelous Designer-2
04 Shirt – Retopology To High Res-3
05 Wrinkles In Practice And Pocket Creation-4
06 Insert Mesh Brushes Max And Zb-5

05 Create textures and texture mask while sculpting details
02 Slide Knit Plugin, Buckles And Straps-1
03 Wear And Tear-2
04 Spotlight Texturing-3
05 Creating Textures For Masking-4
06 Texturing For Ddo-5
07 Splitting Up The Model-6
08 Sculpting Straps-7
09 Google Sketchup-8
10 Bonus Pouch Sculpting Part 1-9
11 Bonus Pouch Sculpting Part 2-10

06 Learn accurate topology flow and functionality
02 Retopology In Zbrush-1
03 Retopology In 3ds Max-2
04 More Retopo In 3ds Max And Topology For Simulated Cloth-3
05 Re-topologizing The Radio Part 1-4
06 Re-topologizing The Radio Part 2-5
07 Re-topologizing The Radio Part 3-6
08 The G In Kenny G-7
09 Topology In Topogun-8
10 Party Trick And Homework-9

07 Create UV’s for your character and use new sculpting techniques to add detail
01 Uving A Head In Zbrush-1
02 Uvs In 3ds Max Part 1-2
03 Uvs In 3ds Max Part 2-3
04 Cleaning Geo For Low Res Mesh-4
05 The Helmet In Headus-5
07 Uving A Body In Headus-6
07 Uving A Body In Headus-7
08 Sculpt Progress And Stitching-7
08 Sculpt Progress And Stitching-8
09 Sculpting Velcro-8
09 Sculpting Velcro-9
10 Sculpting Padded Patterns-9

08 Build and bake out the necessary maps for your character
01 Preparing Models For Xnormal-1
02 Baking Maps Part 1-2
03 Baking Maps Part 2-3
04 Baking Maps Part 3-4
05 Baking Maps Part 4-5
06 Using Zbrush To Export Normal Maps And Reorganizing Subtools-6
07 Comping Maps In Photoshop-7
08 Making Hair Alphas And Discussing Hair Creation Techniques-8

09 Use multiple programs to create the best possible textures for your character
01 Recap And Intro To Ddo-1
02 Prepping For Ddo-2
03 Ddo Part 1-3
04 Ddo Part 2-4
05 Introduction To Mudbox-5
06 Painting In Photoshop And Mudbox-6
07 Presets In Ddo And Maintinging Uniform Materials-7
08 Lightbrush And Bringing Your Textures Into Marmoset-8

10 Add the final detail to your character and render them out
01 Ao Baking-1
02 Setting Ip Multi-sub Objects-2
03 Applying Ids To Your Object-3
04 Setting Up For Skinning-4
05 Skinning The Head-11
06 Sharing Weighting-5
07 Importing Into Marmoset-6
08 Skybox-7
09 Adjusting Specularity-8
10 Lighting In Marmoset-9
11 Q&a And Skinning An Elbow Pad-10


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