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Introduction to Game Asset Creation (Photoshop, Blender, and Unity)


Release date:2021

Author:Tim Von Rueden, Jonathan Williamson, Kent Trammell, Jonathan Gonzalez

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Creating Game Asset Concept Art
Learn to creating a basic game asset concept art from the initial sketches to the final polish! This asset can then be seen taken into 3D modeling with Blender and then into a game engine with Unity.

Modeling Video Game Assets in Blender
Get started in game asset creation by learning how to model both low and high resolution objects in Blender. You’ll learn to create the models needed for generating normal maps, capturing all the intricate detail while keeping an optimized model.

Texturing Game Assets with Blender
Texturing plays a powerful role in computer graphics, but especially for game asset creation. Textures can simulate high-resolution details very believably but without the high-polygon counts. They can make a simple model look beautiful and complex. They can make a drab object interact with light in a believable way. So yeah, textures are important! This course takes you through the essential processes including Blender’s map baking tools as well as the 3D painting system that includes a layer system for non-destructive texture painting.

Using Game Assets in Unity
Learn how to integrate your 3d models and textures in Unity to be used as a prop or interactive prefab in your game.

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