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Practical Illustration 2.0 by Polina Abdulaeva (Russian, Eng sub)


Release date:2023, August

Author:Polina Abdulaeva

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This online course on modern commercial illustration by Artist Online and Polina Abdulaeva covers a comprehensive range of genres, theories, and practical techniques in painting and graphic art. Spanning from creating postcards and book illustrations to developing tattoo sketches and clothing prints, here’s an overview of the 10 lessons:

  • Materials: Introduction to the course objectives and required materials for illustration. Explore various approaches like painting, graphics, and mixed media. Recommendations on liners, markers, and paints.
  • Squirrel: Animalistic Illustration. Create a graphic sheet integrating botany and animalism. Learn to work with lines, liners, and watercolors to compose sketches for sketchbooks or nature magazines.
  • Gulliver’s Travels: Book Illustration. Craft a classic book illustration for Jonathan Swift’s work. Understand scale, referencing, and detailing with watercolors and liners.
  • Flowers: Botanical Painting. Utilize gouache to craft a framed flower arrangement for a potential postcard, exploring color, composition, and stages of work.
  • Pomegranate: Botanical Graphics. Employ watercolor fills and liners to create a versatile botanical illustration, suitable for various applications like cards, wedding invites, magazine images, or notebook covers.
  • Antique Sculpture: Clothing Print. Develop an abstract print focusing on composition, color, and combining various styles. Learn to design a pattern suitable for clothing.
  • Plants and Birds: Tattoo Sketches. Create stylized plant and bird sketches for tattoos, combining linear drawing and geometry.
  • Seasons: Pattern Design. Craft stylized compositions representing different seasons, emphasizing color and mood, inscribed in a circular pattern.
  • Fairytale Castle: Environmental Stylization. Learn to visualize imaginary architectural structures, fostering creativity for game design or book illustration, drawing inspiration from different styles and eras.
  • Food Illustration: Dynamic Composition. Craft a lively, vibrant composition with food suitable for banners or menu covers, employing expressive lines akin to a comic book style.

This course is designed for aspiring artists at all skill levels, offering a diverse range of creative exercises and practical applications across various illustration genres and techniques.

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1. Белка. Анималистика

1.1. Белка. Анималистика
1.2. Белка. Анималистика
1.3. Белка. Анималистика

2. Путешествия Гулливера. Книжная иллюстрация

2.1. Путешествия Гулливера. Книжная иллюстрация
2.2. Путешествия Гулливера. Книжная иллюстрация
2.3. Путешествия Гулливера. Книжная иллюстрация

3. Цветы. Ботаника, живопись

3.1. Цветы. Ботаника, живопись
3.2. Цветы. Ботаника, живопись

4. Гранат. Ботаника, графика

4.1. Гранат. Ботаника, графика
4.2. Гранат. Ботаника, графика
4.3. Гранат. Ботаника, графика

5. Античная скульптура. Принт для одежды

5.1 Античная скульптура. Принт для одежды
5.2 Античная скульптура. Принт для одежды
5.3 Античная скульптура. Принт для одежды
5.4 Античная скульптура. Принт для одежды

6. Растения и птицы. Тату-эскизы

6.1. Растения и птицы. Тату-эскизы
6.2. Растения и птицы. Тату-эскизы
6.3. Растения и птицы. Тату-эскизы

7. Времена года. Паттерн

7.1. Времена года. Паттерн
7.2. Времена года. Паттерн

8. Сказочный замок. Стилизация окружения

8.1. Сказочный замок. Стилизация окружения
8.2. Сказочный замок. Стилизация окружения

9. Food-иллюстрация

9.1. Food-иллюстрация
9.2. Food-иллюстрация
9.3. Food-иллюстрация

0. Материалы

[Hudozhnik Online] Practical Illustration 2.0 by Polina Abdulaeva (Russian, Eng sub)_Subtitles.7z

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