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Magical Rock Assembly – Houdini & Nuke VFX Course by Voxyde


Release date:2023, April

Duration:04 h 00 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to the “Advanced VFX in Houdini and Nuke” course, where we’ll explore cutting-edge techniques to create a stunning visual effects shot. This comprehensive journey covers a range of advanced topics, from procedural setups in Houdini to intricate compositing in Nuke. Let’s dive into the key aspects of this course.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Procedural SOP Setup:
    • Learn to fracture Hand geometry using Voronoi and Boolean techniques.
    • Establish a procedural setup at the SOP level for assembly animation.
    • Utilize curves for motion control without relying on solvers.
  • Custom Particle Movement:
    • Create particle streams based on curves for controlled movement.
    • Implement an advanced VOP setup for precise motion control.
  • Smoke & Particle Advection:
    • Generate smoke using the fractured setup.
    • Use smoke to advect particles, creating dynamic embers.
  • HeightField & Asset Scattering:
    • Integrate Heightfields to create mountains in the background.
    • Enhance scene realism with Megascans for rocks and additional elements.
  • Lighting, Rendering & AOVs:
    • Set up lights and materials in Redshift for rendering.
    • Discuss best practices and create different light passes and AOVs.
  • Compositing:
    • Bring renders into Nuke and assemble the final shot.
    • Separate AOVs for each layer to ensure complete control over the output.
  • Relighting:
    • Utilize Bump Normals and World Position AOVs for relighting.
    • Add rim details to enhance the subject’s appearance.
  • Fog Particles:
    • Implement Nuke’s particle system to create an additional fog layer.
    • Enhance the overall look with dynamic fog particles.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced users familiar with Houdini and Nuke. Whether you’re a VFX artist, animator, or visual storyteller, this course will expand your skill set.


Led by an industry expert with a wealth of experience, you’ll benefit from professional insights and practical knowledge.

Course Structure:

Structured as a step-by-step guide, each section builds upon the previous one. From procedural setups to intricate compositing, the course covers a range of advanced techniques.

Why Take This Course:

If you’re looking to push the boundaries of your VFX skills, this course provides hands-on experience with advanced Houdini and Nuke techniques. Learn to create captivating visual effects and enhance your proficiency in two powerful software tools.

Join the Journey:

Embark on a journey into advanced VFX creation. Master procedural setups, particle dynamics, compositing, and more. Elevate your skills and create mesmerizing visual effects with Houdini and Nuke. Enroll now and take your VFX expertise to the next level!

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