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Drawing For Experienced Beginners by Marco Bucci


Release date:2023

Duration:09 h 00 m

Author:Marco Bucci

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to the Drawing Fundamentals Masterclass, where we dive deep into the essential skills that form the backbone of every successful artist’s journey. Drawing is not just a skill; it’s the foundation for illustrators, painters, animators, character designers, and more. This comprehensive course, guided by an experienced artist, is designed to help you establish strong fundamentals for rapid progress in your art.

Why Drawing Matters:

Drawing is everything in the world of art. Whether you’re illustrating, painting, animating, designing characters, working in visual development, or creating comic book art, your success hinges on mastering the art of drawing. This class is crafted to cater to pure beginners and those with a bit of experience, offering a roadmap to essential skills that every artist needs to thrive.

What You Will Learn:

  • Mastering Fundamentals:
    • Establish a strong foundation in essential drawing fundamentals.
    • Gain insights into the theoretical aspects through lectures and artwork deconstruction.
    • Apply concepts immediately to real-world scenarios, creating a bridge between theory and practice.
  • Personal Learning Journey:
    • Experience a course structured around the instructor’s personal learning journey.
    • Navigate through chapters that represent critical lessons on the path to becoming a professional artist.
    • Benefit from an approach that combines theoretical understanding with practical application.
  • Real-world Application:
    • Watch live demonstrations as the instructor applies concepts in real-time.
    • Turn demonstrations into homework assignments, reinforcing principles and fundamentals.
    • Gain insights into how the concepts learned as a beginner continue to be valuable in the professional artist’s toolbox.

Target Audience:

This course is perfect for pure beginners and individuals with some drawing experience. Whether you’re starting your artistic journey or looking to strengthen your fundamentals, this masterclass caters to a broad audience.


The course is led by an experienced artist who shares their own journey of learning, providing valuable insights into how to progress from a beginner to a professional artist.

Course Structure:

Structured like a road map, each chapter represents a crucial lesson, making the course a comprehensive guide to mastering drawing fundamentals. Theoretical lectures are complemented by live demonstrations that serve as both learning tools and homework assignments.

Why This Course:

If you want to master the indispensable skill of drawing, this course offers a proven roadmap. Learn the fundamentals, understand their real-world applications, and embark on a journey that aligns with the instructor’s own path to becoming a professional artist.

Join the Drawing Fundamentals Masterclass to strengthen your skills and elevate your art to new heights!

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  1. Can you provide Esben Lash’s Course: Drawing Faces From Imagination?
    here is the link:

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