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Graphics Marathon – Black pen by Roman Kruglov (Марафон по графике. Чёрная ручка – Russian, Eng sub)


Release date:2023

Author:Roman Kruglov

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The Black Hand marathon master classes offer a unique opportunity for students to unleash their creativity using just one tool: a black gel pen. These sessions, led by Roman, cater to individuals at any skill level—even those who’ve never tried their hand at drawing before.

“Pie and Spice”
In the initial lesson, delve into the capabilities of our primary tool, the black gel pen. Learn the fundamental elements of artistic expression: spots, lines, strokes, and dots. Roman will guide you through using these individually and in combination, demonstrating shading techniques and the intricacies of working with light and shadow. Through a simple still life, grasp the art of depicting shape, volume, texture, and emphasis within your drawings.

Transport yourself to a quaint village near Onega in the second lesson. The focal point will be a weathered old fence, challenging you to capture its essence. Dive deeper into composition, this time emphasizing texture. Explore various techniques to convey texture effectively while working extensively on tonal aspects. Here, the central part of the sketch takes precedence, drawing attention to the fence while downplaying the surrounding elements. Master the art of controlling focus and emphasizing key elements within your art.

“Huts on stilts”
Conclude the series by sketching the picturesque ocean coast and stilted huts. Explore how to convey a location’s character and atmosphere, focusing on an Asian beach setting. Emphasize contrasting shadows to depict bright daylight while leaving light areas understated to convey a sun-kissed ambiance. This lesson touches on aerial perspective and landscape planning, capturing the essence of the coastal scene.

Remember, each master class is designed for flexibility—you can pause or revisit any section at your convenience, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each lesson’s intricacies.

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