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Imaginative Illustration. Volume 1,2,3 (3 DVD’s) by J.P. Targete


Release date:2022, September

Author:J.P. Targete

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes


Volume 1

In his first of three titles, J.P. takes you on an exciting creative and technical journey showing you how he begins a fantasy illustration, “Dark Riders”, purely from imagination. He covers the early stages of his process, from the initial idea to thumbnails, concept design and the final color sketch. J.P. also discusses how character personality, costumes, weapons and action poses affect the narrative of the final illustration. You will learn the creative process of composing your thumbnails, and how to use segments of your designs for future reference as you get closer to the final dynamic illustration. Over the course of the lecture, J.P. covers the uses of traditional media like markers, acrylic and oil paints, discussing the advantages of each.

Volume 2

In this second of three titles, J.P. takes you through the crucial middle-step of creating a black and white tonal underpainting. He discusses his techniques in detail while emphasizing composition, value and lighting. You will learn how J.P. uses Adobe Photoshop‘s painting and transformation tools to quickly detail his backgrounds with texture and pre-made original imagery. J.P. also shows how visually embellishing the characters and scene will help with the final color painting. Through this lecture you will get an insight into J.P.’s thought process as he journeys further into the world of the “Dark Riders” and continues to develop the characters, creatures and story in the illustration.

Volume 3

In this third and final title of the series, J.P. discusses the color painting techniques he uses to finish an illustration. Sit back and let J.P. be your guide as you learn how he colors and details an illustration using Adobe Photoshop®. He covers color palette along with color lighting, color glazing and value. He also discusses how he uses his original color sketch to help with the final color painting. Watch and learn how J.P. paints fully detailed foreground characters from start to finish. Throughout the title, he explores materials, texture and atmosphere, as well as ideas on creativity and realism. In this lecture you will get an insight into J.P.’s thought process as he completes the “Dark Riders” illustration.

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