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Create Disintegration VFX in Houdini & Nuke by Choi Gil Nam


Release date:2023, September

Duration:02 h 14 m

Author:Choi Gil Nam

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Discover the art of creating captivating disintegration effects using the Houdini Pyro Source Spread operation, which generates a gradual spreading simulation. This workshop caters to users of all levels, whether you’re new to Houdini or an experienced practitioner. The workshop includes the final file as a valuable learning resource, allowing you to delve into it, study its intricacies, and make personalized edits and modifications.

Key Learning Points:

  1. VEX Coding and Houdini SOP Solver:
    • Gain proficiency in simple VEX coding.
    • Learn how to effectively use the Houdini SOP Solver to maintain control both within and outside the DOP Network.
  2. Control and Additional Elements:
    • Understand the utilization of control in the DOP Network.
    • Explore the creation of additional particles and volumes on a cloth simulation crafted by the Vellum Solver.
  3. Houdini COPs and Nuke Compositing:
    • Master the application of Houdini COPs.
    • Harness the power of Nuke for straightforward compositing tasks.
  4. Adaptation to Bullet and Flip Solvers:
    • Apply the learned concepts to both Bullet and Flip Solvers.
    • Establish a quick and efficient workflow for seamless integration into your projects.

The ultimate goal is to equip you with practical skills that can be efficiently applied to your projects, enabling you to present your work effectively. The project files, including .hiplc disintegration files, are provided to facilitate your learning journey.

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