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Drawing Faces with Clipstudio for Beginners – 초보자를 위한 클립스튜디오로 얼굴 그리기 [Fast Campus, Tokyu, 일러스트레이터 토뀨, Group Buy]


Release date:2024

Author:Tokyu, 일러스트레이터 토뀨

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Use Clip Studio to master the basics of character face drawing and deepen your skills.

The most important aspect of character illustrations is the face! Mastering the face through these lectures will enable you to create high-quality illustrations.

Key Points:

Drawing the Foundation of Eyes and Nose
Drawing Faces from Different Angles
Expressing Various Hairstyles
Coloring Facial Features
Creating Simple Colored Face Illustrations
Crafting High-Quality Face Illustrations

I’m Tokyu, an illustrator.
There are various ways to study painting, but I believe the best approach is to find joy in learning. Enjoying the process of painting is crucial to joyful learning. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as seeing a face come to life on your canvas.

In particular, mastering the ‘character face’ is a common goal for many beginners. Even if you’re starting from scratch, focusing on mastering the art of drawing a lively character face can elevate your skills to a professional level.

Through my lectures, I aim to help you enhance both your skills and your enjoyment simultaneously.

Explore casual character illustrations with vibrant expressions.
Learn to capture the delicate and beautiful faces of characters from any angle through the artist’s latest works.

Detailed explanation of beginner-level eye drawing from nose to eyes:
When you start learning to draw, you’re often filled with questions like ‘Why draw it this way?’ I’ll explain these aspects based on real-life observations to help you understand and apply concepts easily.

Explore various eye designs based on character atmosphere:
The proportions of eyes, angle of eye corners, pupil size, and other elements contribute to the mood and character of a character’s face. Focus on these intricate details that significantly impact facial expressions.

Understanding character face ratios from different angles:
Understanding the subtle changes in eye and nose positioning based on face angles is crucial. I’ll simplify these concepts with basic shapes and comparison guides.

Mastering diverse character expressions:
The strength of an illustration portfolio lies in vivid facial expressions. Learn to depict various emotions such as laughter, joy, and sadness through character illustrations.

Tackle the challenge of drawing various hairstyles:
Hairstyles add personality and diversity to characters. Studying different styles is essential for mastering character design. Learn about 15 different hairstyles that can be applied to any character.

Enhance character depth with hand gestures:
Avoid the common mistake of making characters appear flat or posed like passport photos. Learn how to add depth and quality to illustrations through diverse hand gestures, from basic structures to subtle nuances.

Unlock advanced Clip Studio techniques:
Explore advanced Clip Studio functions to enhance your illustrations by:

Efficiently extracting lines from drawings
Highlighting character contrast using correction functions
Setting light angles and effects using 3D modeling
Streamlining cell illustration using gradient maps
Naturally integrating prop modeling into 2D illustrations using line extraction functions
Mastering these techniques will take your character illustrations to the next level.

You can find more details by following this link.
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