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The 50-Chapter Guide to Character Design for Beginners [Coloso, DOKSA, Group Buy]


Release date:2024, April 21

Duration:23 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Master the Fundamentals Through Tutorials and Exercises​

I put myself in students’ shoes and created this curriculum with the belief that the first step is the most important. The theoretical tutorial section, totaling 116 pages, explores essential elements of painting, such as lines, perspective, light, shadow, figure drawing, and movement.

It is followed by a practical section consisting of 23 exercises, allowing you to master the basic processes for character concept art and concept-based character development, drawing hair, skin, and costumes, and lastly, putting the finishing touches on artwork so you can be job-ready.

What Distinguishes This Class From Others?​

With a 50-chapter curriculum consisting of tutorials and demonstrations, this class helps students learn step-by-step and produce dependable results through exercises. Furthermore, it comes with visual explanations of theory and design files that make it easy to understand and follow the lectures.

By taking this class and working on the exercises under my guidance, you can build a strong understanding of fundamental theory, figure drawing, concept-centered characters, and detailed finishing touches, leveling up your skills and knowledge as an illustrator.

You’ll Learn​
  • How to Keep Studying Drawing and Manage Stress
  • Fundamental Theory That Transforms Drawing
  • Character Concept Art with Distinctive Themes
  • Broaden Your Spectrum with Color Schemes Based on Various Roughs and Concepts
  • Adding Volume to the Main Illustration
  • Adding Persuasive Detail
Class Highlights​

Extensive Theory and Exercises Exploring Basics and Details
Start by exploring theory with in-depth tutorials and materials that make it easy to understand even the most difficult concepts, followed by various exercises where you can apply what you learned. Plus, you will learn 10 study techniques that will dramatically improve your art.

Unique Character Design Reflecting Worldviews and Concepts
Based on the familiar theme of animals, you will come up with three different character concepts to design and develop characters with distinctive worldviews. Learn how to generate ideas with design theory and brainstorming to expand your design vocabulary without repeating the same patterns.

3 Concepts, 15 Thumbnails, and 9 Portfolios
Create various rough designs by drawing thumbnails of five characters for each of the three animal concepts, enriching your design experience. In addition, you will build portfolios using a range of rough designs as well as unused roughs to get job-ready and learn tips for giving them a more finished look.

You can find more details by following this link.
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