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Drawing 101 Introduction to Digital Illustration (+Resources)


Release date:2021

Author:Jean Fraisse

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Explore the foundations of illustration by learning the techniques to draw from observation and from your own imagination.
Drawing is a skill anyone can pick up. Apart from understanding the theoretical aspect, it is all a matter of practice. Illustrator Jean Fraisse, a firm believer that talent can be learned, is here to teach you the principles of drawing in digital illustration.

Discover the narrative power of drawing by creating illustrations from observation and imagination. Explore lines, angles, and shapes to create striking drawings in your own style.

create striking drawings in your own style
As a veteran Domestika teacher, Jean begins the course sharing a different side of his artistic journey. He explains that his abilities didn’t come naturally, but rather through consistent practice. With time and dedication, he developed the skill set that led him to become a concept artist of a leading animation studio in Mexico.

Go through the fundamentals of drawing and learn about Jean’s approach to drawing. Jean breaks down the complexity of drawing by demonstrating how everything is composed of various simple shapes. Begin your digital illustration as you practice drawing different shapes while keeping angles and proportions in mind.

Next, learn about perspective and how to convert a two-dimensional drawing into 3D by adding another axis. Explore the concept of a horizon in your illustration before learning about vanishing points and converging lines. Apply the previous concepts into drawing architecture and the human body from observation. Then, learn how to apply light and shadow to your sketches.

Take your illustrations to the next level by adding your own design. Jean explains three principles of design to apply to your drawings: layering, the rule of 3, and counterbalancing. Discover Jean’s creative process when drawing from imagination based on a theme or concept. Wrap up the course by learning other illustration techniques like duplicating, reshaping, exaggeration, and deforming that you can apply to your artwork.

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[Domestika] Drawing 101 Introduction to Digital Illustration (+Resources)

01. About Me
02. Influences
03. What Is Drawing
04. Every Single Thing Is Made Out of Simple Shapes
05. How to Actually Draw
06. Angles, the First Secret of Drawing
07. Proportions, the Second Secret of Drawing 1
08. Proportions, the Second Secret of Drawing 2
09. How to Convert a Square Into a Cube
10. The Horizon Explanation and How It Solves It All
11. One-Point and Two-Point Perspective
12. Copying Architecture 1
13. Copying Architecture 2
14. Copying the Human Body 1
15. Copying the Human Body 2
16. Applying Light and Shadow
17. A Basic Understanding of Design
18. The Elements of a Good Sketch
19. Let’s Create Something
20. Duplicating and Reshaping
21. Exaggerate and Deform
22. Final project
[Domestika] Drawing 101 Introduction to Digital Illustration (+Resources)_Subtitles.7z

01 – Acerca de mí
02 – Influencias
03 – ¿Qué es dibujar
04 – Todo está hecho a partir de formas simples
05 – Cómo dibujar en la práctica
06 – Ángulos, el primer secreto del dibujo
07 – Proporciones, el segundo secreto del dibujo 1
08 – Proporciones, el segundo secreto del dibujo 2
09 – Cómo convertir un cuadrado en un cubo
10 – La explicación del horizonte y cómo lo resuelve todo
11 – Perspectiva de uno y dos puntos
12 – Copiar la arquitectura 1
13 – Copiar la arquitectura 2
14 – Copiar el cuerpo humano 1
15 – Copiar el cuerpo humano 2
16 – Aplicación de luces y sombras
17 – Conceptos básicos del diseño
18 – Los elementos de un buen boceto
19 – Vamos a crear algo
20 – Duplicar y remodelar
21 – Exagerar y deformar
22 – Principios del dibujo digital

[Domestika] Drawing 101 – Introduction to Digital Illustration (Eng, Multisub)_Subtitles.7z

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