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Creating Characters in a Fictional Universe through Lighting [Coloso, Gawako, Group Buy]


Release date:2021, August

Duration:17 h 55 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Acquire the Ability to Create Illustrations to Evoke Interest in Viewers.​

Illustrator Gawako captivates audiences with her work in a variety of genres, including music video illustrations, in-game clothing design, and character design.
This course will teach you step by step how to produce professional-looking character illustrations.
Learn how to use light and color theory to improve the quality of illustrations, incorporate these into your compositions and ideas, and acquire expertise with intuitive production.

Expert Illustrator Gawako’s Portfolio
Why Take This Class?​

I’ll begin with the fundamentals of human anatomy, then go on to techniques for creating appealing poses and outlines, and lastly speed sketching. You’ll learn how to design a costume that matches the impression you want your character to make, as well as the production process and techniques for creating well-known characters.

Following that, I’ll go over the various kinds of light and how they work, as well as how to design lighting that complements the environment and light source. This will also cover how to create crucial lighting effects that set the tone for an image, such as lighting that makes a subject appear appealing.

Finally, using the skills you’ve learned, you’ll create an artwork by following the production flow, which includes effective color selection, lighting, and painting characters to stand out.

6 Class Exercises:​
  • Tips for drawing poses
  • Lighting theory and practice tailored to the surroundings
  • An intuitive method of working with color and light
  • An introduction to photobashing through speed painting
  • Creating sketches with the whole picture in mind
  • How to draw eyes that sparkle
Class Highlights​

Theories of Color & Light to Improve Quality and the Capabilities for Eye-Catching Lighting
To create drawings that pull in viewers, you need to understand what you want to convey. This class will give you an understanding of how to express your art more clearly by explaining composition, light and color, and production. You’ll also learn about the different types of light and how they work, and practice character lighting designed for the environment and light source.

Secrets to Worldbuilding That Reflects Your Character and Intuitive Production Methods
You’ll learn worldbuilding that makes characters look more professional and conveys their personalities. The class also uses demonstrations to give tips on how to make characters feel like they’re part of a particular place and how to adjust the amount of detail in the overall drawing.

Learn Character Production Workflow and Drawing Techniques
Through demonstrations, you’ll master the workflow of character creation and drawing techniques. Learn real brush strokes, how to select brushes and colors, and how to create a sense of distance by zooming and correlating points.

You can find more details by following this link.
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