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Character Design: Brainstorming Ideas and Coloring Techniques [Coloso, Heiro, Group Buy]


Release date:2023

Duration:15 h 51 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

From Brainstorming Tips to Texture-Based Coloring Techniques!​

Illustrator Heiro creates creative artwork in a wide range of genres, with a specialty in fusing mecha with gorgeous female characters.
The abilities required for every step of the design process will be covered in this course, including character and weapon concepts, workflow, and production techniques for character design.
You will learn the principles of character creation and gain a comprehensive grasp of weapon design. Next, proceed to the specifics of utilizing color expression and lighting in the production process, and apply the skills you’ve acquired to produce original artwork.

Expert Illustrator Heiro’s Portfolio
Why Take This Class?​

Learn the skills to create character design using barinstorming tips and coloring techniques of Illustrator Hiero.

First, you’ll learn the basic concepts of character design, such as the structure of the human body and how the contour can give different impressions. The class will also extensively cover how to select a weapon design and how to create a sketch

Next, the class will discuss production methods using lighting and color expression. You’ll learn how to paint in a way that matches the texture of the material and other coloring skills to make characters more appealing, such as how to set the brightness of shadows, how to think about the shadow color for each color, and how to paint hair depending on the type of lighting.

Lastly, you’ll create your own piece based on the skills you’ve acquired. This includes a focus on thought process and brainstorming ideas to achieve illustrator Heiro’s unique style, as well as mastering the workflow needed to make those ideas come to life.

11 Class Exercises:​
  • Understanding human anatomy
  • Creating guidelines and approaches to posing
  • How to convey features using contours
  • Approaches to character design
  • Creating a character sketch
  • Creating sketches of weapons
  • How to paint hair depending on the lighting
  • How to paint the face and eyes
  • How to paint clothing based on texture
  • Painting skin
  • How to paint weapons
  • Example of completed work
Class Highlights​

Thought Process & Brainstorming Ideas for Character Design
The class will delve into the thought process and explain how to come up with ideas for character design. You’ll learn how to put together a list of things related to the core of a theme or idea, how to select related concepts, and then how to put it all together.

Coloring Secrets That Raise Quality, and Painting Based on Material or Texture
The class will explain how to paint a character’s hair, face, skin, and clothes using demonstrations for each type of texture. In addition to practicing illustrations of characters in standing poses, you’ll also learn how to think about lighting and coloring when using a background.

Demonstration of a Character Creation Workflow Using Basic Techniques
The class will break down the basics that are key to giving form to your ideas. It includes demonstrations of the workflow required not only for character design, but also for illustration production, including the use of human anatomy and contour, what materials to gather, and how to create sketches.

You can find more details by following this link.
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