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Complete C# Unity Developer – Create Games and Learn to Code


Release date:2020, August 6

Author:Denis Panjuta

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

If you want to learn coding the fun way, unity game development is your choice! Learn to make your own games and grab a job in the tech or gaming industry! Start this course now to get there in just a few weeks!

The Complete C# Unity Developer course is completely project based. You are going to create 6 fully featured games from scratch using the Unity 3D Game Engine.

Have you ever had an idea for a game, or wanted to work as a game developer? Then you are at the right place!

You will love Unity 3D and will even learn to love C#!

In this course you are going to discover how to make games with Unity 3D – arguably the best game development engine in the world. Which allows you to create amazing indie titles but also triple A games for nearly every platform.

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01. Introduction
01. Introduction
02. How To Get Most Out Of This Course
03. Structure Of This Course

02. Unity 3D 2017 Basics
01. The Unity 3D Interface
03. Creating Your Own Layout
04. Our First Player And Movement
05. Physics Basics – Theory
06. Make Sure Changes Take Effect
07. Rigidbody
08. Collider
09. Trigger Events
10. The Concept Of Prefabs
11. Components And Gameobjects
12. Keeping The Hierarchy Tidy

03. C# Basics
01. Why C# And Not Javascript
02. Class Structure
03. Variables And Data Types Int, Double, Float
04. Variables And Data Types String, Char And Bool
06. Functions Methods
08. Arithmetic Operations
09. Logical And Comparison Operators
10. If Statements
12. Arrays
15. For Loops
16. While Loops
17. Do While Loops
18. For Each Loops
20. Basics of OOP and Constructors
21. Scope
23. Mathf And Random Class

04. Our First Game – Pong
01. Pong Intro
02. Basics – UI Elements
03. Basics – Accessing Text Via Code
04. Basics – Buttons
05. Basics – Switching Scenes
06. Basics – Using Sounds
07. Project Outline – Pong
08. Creating The Main Menu
09. Switching Scenes And Using Buttons
10. Building Our Game Scene
11. 2D vs 3D Colliders And Rigidbody For Our Ball
12. Moving Our Ball Left And Right
13. Racket Movement
14. Bouncing Off Correctly
15. Scoring System
16. Restarting A Round
17. The Game Over Screen
18. Adding Sound
19. Adding A Basic AI

05. Zig Zag Clone
01. Zig Zag Intro
02. Basics – Instantiating An Object
03. Basics – Invoke And InvokeRepeating For Delayed Calls And Repeated Calls
04. Basics – Playerpreferences – Saving Data
05. Basics- Raycast
06. Project Outline Zig Zag
07. Setup For Zig Zag
08. Setting The Perspective
09. Moving The character
10. Make Camera Follow Player
11. Animate The Character
12. Start The Game
13. Restart The Game
14. Collecting Crystals And Score
15. Adding A Highscore
16. Adding The Particle Effect
17. Background Music Loop
18. Procedural Creation Of Our Map

06. Creating Your Own 3D Objects – Basics Of Blender
01. Blender Intro
02. What Is Blender And What Do I Need It For
03. Downloading And Installing Blender
04. The Basic Functions
05. Materials, Mesh and how to bring it together
06. Creating A House
07. Creating A Wind Mill
08. Animate The Wind Mill
09. Import The Wind Mill In Unity

07. Fruit Ninja Clone
01. Fruit Ninja Intro
02. Project Outline Fruit Ninja Clone
03. Create Fruits And Make Them Explode
04. Create And Configure The Fruit Spawner
05. Create The Blade
06. Build The GUI
07. Game Over And Restart
08. Highscore
09. Extend The Game
11. Prepare Code For Android
12. Play The Game On A Phone
13. Improve The Looks Of Our Game
14. Implement Unity Ads To Make Money
15. Prepare Device As A Developer Device
16. Create Sounds And Adding Them To The Game

08. Minesweeper Clone
01. Minesweeper Intro
02. Project Outline – Minesweeper
03. Minesweeper Resources
04. Creating A Tile
05. Creating Our Field
06. Changing UI Elements Dynamically
07. Difficulty Levels
08. Controlling Our Tiles
09. Click Mechanics Part1
10. Click Mechanics Part2
11. Adding a Winning Condition
12. Some more UI Editing
13. Resetting The Minefield
14. Timer, Minesleft, Tieing It All Together
15. The Highscore
16. Finalizing the Game

09. Bitblaster XL Clone
01. Bitblaster XL Clone Intro
02. Project Outline – Bitblaster XL Clone
03. Basic Movements
04. Shooting
05. Adding Text UI
06. First Enemy Type
07. Adding SpawnAreas
08. Create Enemies
09. Randomizing Enemy Creation
10. Destroying Bullets
11. Destroying Enemies
12. Adding The Score
13. Creating The Hud
14. Nukem All
15. Losing Shields And Colliding
16. Multishot
17. Laser
18. Berserk Mode
19. The Collectable Class
20. Spawning Random Collectables
21. Collecting Upgrades
22. Main Menu
23. Game Over, Highscore and Balance

10. Construction Game – Farmville Clone
01. Project Outline – Farmville Clone
02. Farmville Clone Creating Our Map
03. Importing The Assets And Creating A Nice World
04. Creating The UI
05. Resourcesystem
06. Building And Buildings Class
07. Build Class And Hover
08. Creating Buildings
09. Positioning Buildings
10. Buy Button Script
11. Info, Upgrading And Deconstruction
12. Destroy Button And Testing
13. Saving The Game
14. Loading The Game
15. Rebuilding The Buildings From Save File
16. Building Farmville For And Testing On IOS
17. Building Farmville For And Testing On Android

[Udemy] Complete C# Unity Developer – Create Games and Learn to Code_Subtitles.7z
[Udemy] Complete C# Unity Developer – Create Games and Learn to Code – Files.7z

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