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Blender 100 – From Basics to 3D Animation by minusT (기초부터 3D 애니메이션까지, 블렌더 100강사전 – Nosound, Eng & Chinese subs)


Release date:2023, February 10

Duration:23 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner

Language:No Sound

Exercise files:Yes

If you want to learn how to use Blender for 3D animation, from subculture-style modeling to rigging and animation FX, then pay attention! With the Basics of Blender & Animation, you can learn from 100 instructors in one place, from introductory to empowerment skill-up all at once. This 100-strong course will teach you all of Blender’s major 3D skills, from modeling basics to PBR shading and character animation through rigging.

Plus, you can learn about industry-large subculture-style specialized animation and the know-how of MinusT, the strongest Blender wrapped in a veil, with the Introduction to the Coloso minusT River. You’ll get to hear about the legend of the Oriental Project Fan-made animation, and learn the entire animation production workflow from minusT, a 3D animated YouTuber with 170,000 subscribers who uses Blender to create subculture-style animation. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to master Blender’s major 3D skills and learn how to produce attractive character animation through rigging!

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coloso00-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso01-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso02-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso03-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso04-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (4)
coloso05-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (5)
coloso06-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (6)
coloso07-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (7)
coloso08-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (8)
coloso09-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (9)
coloso10-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (10)
coloso11-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (11)
coloso12-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (12)
coloso13-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (13)
coloso14-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso15-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso16-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso17-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso18-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso19-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso20-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso21-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso22-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso23-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso24-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso25-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评25
coloso26-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso27-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso28-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (2)
coloso29-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评
coloso30-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (4)
coloso31-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (5)
coloso32-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (6)
coloso33-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (7)
coloso34-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (9)
coloso35-Blender从基础到 3D 动画全网好评 (10)

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  1. Hello Admin, I really need the continuation of this course. Can you at least give me the identity or e-mail address of the person who shared this course?

  2. hi, mr. strawberry. i really reallt need this course. I’m a broke and hopeless student. I have too watch section 35 to 100. Can you contact the person who shared the course and ask them to share more? Please sir…..

  3. can you pleae upload this course by sakon, The Ultimate Webtoon Illustration Tool Kit :

  4. Hello, thank you about everything! Can you upload this course if possible?

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