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Gothic English Calligraphy – Create Beautiful English Letters by Jyang Mong (Korean, Eng Spa sub)

Release date:2023

Author:Jyang Mong

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Hello, everyone! I am Jyang Mong, an artist specializing in English calligraphy and lettering design, among other styles such as Korean calligraphy and calligraffiti. Although I didn’t major in design or art, my passion for calligraphy started as a hobby and grew into a professional pursuit as I became captivated by the beauty of English calligraphy.

Have you ever visited Insadong Street, where you can find Korean signboards and galleries? I often visit Insadong to see calligraphy exhibitions and explore the unique Korean and English signage mix. It’s interesting how we are so accustomed to seeing famous coffee chains with Korean text instead of English, which feels somewhat unusual. The gothic font, commonly associated with English and Western languages, can feel foreign to Korean and English speakers. It may be familiar to see letters resembling the title of the New York Times, but writing them with a calligraphy pen can be challenging. Many people are intrigued by calligraphy and wish to try it, but they often feel awkward or find it time-consuming. If you can relate to this, this class is perfect for you!

A New Perspective on a Unique and Charming Alphabet The Gothic typeface is often perceived as rigid and square. Take, for example, “Malgun Gothic,” a typeface with strict proportions. Gothic typefaces, also known as “Black Letters,” have been used in Europe since the 12th century. As letterpress printing gained popularity, Gothic typefaces were designed to maximize character density on a given sheet of paper, developing various styles over time. In this class, I will introduce Fraktur, the most beautiful and voluptuous Gothic style. Fraktur originated in Germany and has continued to evolve and gain popularity in modern times.

Fraktur is more refined and sophisticated than the commonly referenced typeface, “Textura.” While Textura has diamond-shaped endings on strokes, Fraktur features flexible, curved lines. Just as architect Gaudi said, curves are the realm of God, and I am excited to share with you the beauty of Fraktur.

Starting with the Basics: Alphabet Shapes We will begin by learning how to hold a pencil to write the Gothic alphabet. Then, we will delve into the components and strokes that make up each letter. You will learn 28 lowercase alphabets, from “a” to “z.” However, we will follow a different learning approach than you did as a child. Instead, we will group the letters based on similar rules.

Similarly, we will explore and practice the details of the 26 capital letters individually. Before you know it, you will become familiar with the entire alphabet! Additionally, we will learn how to write numbers from zero to nine.

Beyond the Alphabet: Exploring Composition and Spacing Learning the alphabet is similar to recognizing consonants and vowels in Korean. You need to connect multiple alphabets or leave spaces between them to write effectively. Spacing is a crucial concept in English calligraphy, and we will delve into it during the class. You will also learn various variations based on composition.

After understanding the shape of the alphabet and how to connect them, we will explore how to place words and sentences on a single piece of paper. This is an essential aspect because how you use and decorate the space will determine the quality of your work.

Do you know if it’s finished yet? Not Quite! To create beautiful gothic calligraphy, precision is critical. Throughout the class, I will guide you and provide reminders on practicing correct writing techniques, ensuring that you are well-prepared. I will also cover the different types of work you can create with gothic calligraphy and present a checklist to help you review the entire process. I am committed to helping you improve your skills.

Additionally, there will be opportunities for feedback and a Q&A session where I will address commonly asked questions during the class. Your growth and progress are essential to me, and I am dedicated to supporting you throughout this learning journey.

I look forward to having you in the class, where we will delve into the art of Gothic calligraphy and explore its unique characteristics. Together, we will master the techniques and intricacies of this beautiful script. Let’s embark on this creative adventure and uncover the wonders of Gothic calligraphy!

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[Class101] Gothic English Calligraphy – Create Beautiful English Letters by Jyang Mong (Korean, Eng Spa sub)_Subtitles (2).7z
[Class101] Gothic English Calligraphy – Create Beautiful English Letters by Jyang Mong (Korean, Eng Spa sub)_Subtitles.7z

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