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Alien Creature Concept Design – Thumbnails to Final Painting by Deiv Calviz (David Villegas)


Release date:2019, May 5

Duration:02 h 25 m

Author:Deiv Calviz

Skill level:Beginner

Language:No Sound

Exercise files:Yes

To create a creature concept, you need to follow some basic steps. For instance, I aimed to create a peaceful mammalian creature with an alien-like appearance. The process involves creating 25 thumbnails, 7 head studies, a few poses, and 4 color variations before finalizing the realistic concept art illustration.

I have also included a step-by-step guide in a document file. Creating a creature design requires a sound understanding of animal anatomy, which can be mixed and matched with unusual shapes to come up with unique designs.


  • PDF Guide 12 pages
  • Final Concept Render (PSD and jpg)
  • Process steps (PSD and jpg)
  • Color Studies (PSD and jpg)
  • 7 Head Studies (PSD and jpg)
  • Pose Studies (PSD and jpg)
  • 25 Creature Thumbnails (PSD and jpg)
  • All animal references used
  • Procreate Video – Thumbnails (NO AUDIO!)
  • Procreate Video – Heads (NO AUDIO!)
  • Procreate Video – Poses (NO AUDIO!)
  • Photoshop Timelapse – Colors (NO AUDIO!)
  • Photoshop Timelapse – Final Render (NO AUDIO!)
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