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Advanced CGI and VFX Compositing


Release date:2019, November

Duration:01 h 59 m

Author: Digital Learning Solutions

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?
You will gain a comprehensive understanding on how to create a CGI shot from start to finish.
You will learn the techniques and best practices for creating photorealistic CGI shots.
You will learn how to use powerful VFX software such as After Effects, Element 3D and Blender
This course puts into practice many of the techniques taught in Fundamentals of VFX.

An interest in the VFX industry
If you want to follow along you will need After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Element 3D and Blender (free)
Recommended Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 1060 or newer (similar level AMD cards are alright as well)

Advanced CGI Compositing is an in-depth training series that gives you a comprehensive practical knowledge of how to go about creating a high-end CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) shot.

If you want to learn how the stunning visual effects (VFX) of modern films are created in reality, Advanced CGI Compositing is for you. During this course we show you the techniques and best practices of compositing elements such as 3D models, stock footage and software generated effects into a high-end VFX shot. This course is sequel to our highly popular VFX course, Fundamentals of VFX. If you enjoyed it, you will not want to miss out on Advanced CGI Compositing. The course spans the length of 20 meticulously crafted lectures that make your learning experience exciting and engaging.

Learn how to use professional VFX software in professional way!

Adobe After Effects is an industry standard Visual Effects compositing and Motion Graphics software that is widely used by industry leading professionals such as Andrew Kramer from VideoCopilot. (Disclaimer – VideoCopilot has not given an endorsement to this course nor have we asked for it.) During this course you will learn advanced compositing techniques in After Effects that will take your skills to the next level of professionalism.

Blender is an exceptional open source 3D application that has taken major strides toward a professional audience in the recent years. It is an excellent choice and can at times even out perform its commercial rivals. This course provides a great way for you to get your feet wet in 3D modeling and texturing which are essential skills for any VFX artist.

Element 3D is popular plugin for After Effects which extends its capabilities into the sphere of 3D compositing. You will learn how to use your own 3D models in After Effects and composite them in a photo realistic way.

A Master Class in its own respect
Advanced CGI Compositing is a mini master class. Each lesson has been meticulously scripted and edited. We understand that no one has time to waste which is why we have compressed the course into an incredibly small package. This course is jam packed with information despite being relatively short. You will learn what it takes to create a visual effects shot from start to finish – from concept to final render! If you are time-conscious and yet want to gain a profound understanding of the practical side of the most fascinating field in the filmmaking industry, then Advanced CGI Compositing is for you!

Who is the target audience?
Advanced users who want to learn CGI compositing and take their skills to the next level.
Beginner and Intermediate users who can keep up with the pace are welcome to join to super charge their learning.
After Effects users who want take their skills to the next level.
Element 3D users and those interested to learn how to use Element 3D for professional work.
Blender users who want to learn how to use their 3D art in Visual Effects production.
Directors and DPs who want to understand what really goes into creating a CGI shot.

Watch online or Download for Free

2658982-01 – Introduction – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-02 – Shot Mapping – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-03 – Downloading texture maps – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-04 – Adjusting the colors (Photoshop) – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-05 – Creating the Earth in After Effects – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-06 – Creating a Star Field in After Effects – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-07 – Modeling the Space Capsule in Blender – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-08 – UV unwrapping the Space Capsule in Blender – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-09 – Creating texture maps in Photoshop – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-10 – Adding further details with Illustrator – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-11 – Importing the Space Capsule into After Effects – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-12 – 3D Compositing – Framing the Shot – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-13 – Virtual Lights – Lighting the Shot – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-14 – Animating the Camera and the Space Capsule – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-15 – Creating the Smoke Speed Streak effect – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-16 – Creating a Heat Glow – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-17 – Compositing Stock Footage – Explosion – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-18 – Compositing Stock Footage – Smoke – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-19 – Simulating Camera Shake – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-20 – Color Correction – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-21 – Color Grading and Degradive Enhancements – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing
2658982-22 – Bonus Lesson – Advanced CGI VFX Compositing

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