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3 Day Creature Workshop – Sketching and Design the Creature by Pablo Munoz Gomez


Release date:2020, April

Author:Pablo Munoz Gomez

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this workshop, Concept and Character Artist Pablo Munoz Gomez unveils his method for crafting an original and captivating creature concept using abstract 3D shapes. From the initial idea to the final render and composite, Pablo walks through the entire process, explaining the technique’s methodology and core concepts.

The approach to achieving figurative forms might seem unconventional, but the creation of quick variations early on is pivotal for establishing a strong and believable design.

Throughout the workshop, Pablo stresses the significance of iteration and idea exploration. He shares practical advice and tools to refine abstract forms into a concept that possesses a cohesive visual language. While the focus is on creature concept creation, the techniques and workflows showcased aren’t limited to creature design. The steps Pablo shares are structured and adaptable to various projects.

The initial steps involve creating thumbnails using software like Photoshop, Krita, and ZBrush. Later, the process transitions into the realm of 3D space to construct customized assets forming an abstract ‘cluster.’ This cluster serves as a foundation for further design exploration.

The subsequent stage involves developing variations of the cluster, aiming to reveal suggestions of a more recognizable creature. Finally, in the third stage, the creature is fully defined, detailed, textured using polypaint, posed, rendered with Keyshot, and polished in Photoshop.

For those eager to delve into new forms and shape languages within their designs, this workshop provides valuable insight into an efficient and applicable workflow that extends beyond creature design.

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