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3D Character Workshop – Shane Olson


Release date:2018

Author:Shane Olson

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

The 3d Character Workshop (3DCW) is the complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand to create stylized, real-time, game characters.
7 Complete
4 Fantastic Bonuses
Ongoing interviews with industry professionals with additional training.
Re-Watchable Student Feedback Sessions

3D Character Workshop is a 7 module step-by-step digital course that walks you through exactly how to choose a character concept, block out your character, create the high-res version of it in Zbrush, then make a solid game character out of your ZBrush model that is ready for any game engine!

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Module 1 – Zbrush Fundamentals
01. File Handling
02. Spotlight
03. Geometry
04. Polygroups
05. Visibility
06. Masking
07. Transpose Tool
08. The new 4R8 Gizmo
09. Mesh States
10. Creasing

Module 2 – Character Design
1. Character Design Introduction
2. Shape Design
3. Rythem and Flow
4. Silhouette
5. Staights Against Curves
6. Variety and Interest
7. Simplication and Exaggeration
8. Proportions

Module 3 – Character Block Out
1. Character Block Out
2. Character Block-Out Example Timelapse
3. Choosing a Character Concept
4. Character Block-Out Example Walkthrough

Module 4 – Character Detailing
1. Dynamesh
2. Character Surface Detailing
3. Clean and Polished
4. Polypaint and Materials
5. Costuming
6. Costuming Time Lapse
7. Cloth Wrinkles
8. Building Props with ZModeler
9. ZModeler Time lapse

Module 5 – Detailing the Head and Hair
1. Creating Hair
2. Hair Time Lapse
3. Detailing the Face
4. Face Detailing Time Lapse

Module 6 – Character Posing
1. Prep For Posing
2. Character Posing Time Lapse

Module 7 – Game Character Creation
1. Prep For Posing
2. Character Posing Time Lapse
1. Retopology for Deformation
2. Face Retopoly Time Lapse
3. Hair Retopology Time Lapse
4. Body Retopology Time Lapse
5. Creating the Teeth and Tongue
6. Character UV Walkthrough
7. UVing the Gun
8. Baking Maps
9. Creating Your Final Game Asset

1. Resource Guide
2. Rendering in Keyshot

Getting Started

1. Getting Started
1. Course Intro
2. Setting up Zbrush

2. Early Beginner Walkthrough with Adam Munoa
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06
Part 07
Part 08
Part 09
Part 10

Industry Pro Interviews
1. Steve James Part 1 – Character Block-Outs
2. Steve James Part 2 – Creating Hair
3. Mike Thompson – Clothing Seams and Keyshot Lighting
4. Ian Jacobs – Analyzing Disney Infinity Characters

Male Bust Mini Course
1. Blocking Out a Head
2. Detailing Out a Head
3. Creating a Game Character

Prep for 3D Printing
1. Prep for 3D Printing – Part 1
1. Prep for 3D Printing – Part 2


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  1. You’re not adding blender tutorials these days.

    Add dinsaour creation in blender 2.79 udemy
    And environment creation in blender 2.79 udemy
    Add sci fi corridor in blender gumroad
    Thank you

    • 1. dinsaour creation in blender 2.79 udemy – no have
      2. environment creation in blender 2.79 udemy – probably no have….
      3. sci fi corridor in blender gumroad –
      have these:
      1. Gumroad – SciFi Corridor Model and Render by Vaughan Ling
      2. CGCookie Creating a looping corridor (Blender)
      If you need – let me know.

    • Regarding to environment we have these courses:

      Stephane Wootha Richard- Intro to Photobashing for Environment Design
      Udemy – Sci-Fi 3D Game Environment Design Modeling & Texturing
      Guide for Environment PBR Texture Creation using Photogrammetry – R&D by Grzegorz Baran
      The Gnomon Workshop – Environment Creation for VR Using Photogrammetry
      Pluralsight – Game Environment Concept Design
      Pluralsight – Creating Game Environment Textures with Substance Suite
      Gumroad- Yu Cheng Hong – Environment Light
      The Gnomon Workshop – Environment Art Lookdev Using Unreal & Photogrammetry
      Blender 101 – Blender401: Creating a Game Environment in Blender and Unity
      The Gnomon Workshop – Environment Creation for Film and Cinematics
      Pluralsight – Maya Character and Environment FX with Bifrost and XGen
      Packt Publishing – Unity 5: Creating the Game Environment
      Lynda – 3ds Max Stylized Environment for Animation
      Pluralsight – Game Environment Texturing Fundamentals
      Lynda – Sculpt a Game Environment
      3DMotive – Exterior Environment in UE4 Volume 3
      Pluralsight – Conceptualizing a Sci-fi Environment in Photoshop and Maya
      Pluralsight – Fusion 360 – Unique Design Environment with Bodies and Components
      3DMotive – Exterior Environment in UE4 Volume 2
      3DMotive – Exterior Environment in UE4 Volume 1
      Pluralsight – Game Environment Modeling Fundamentals
      Gumroad – Environment Painting with Darek Zabrocki
      Gumroad – Making an Office Environment by Thiago Klafke
      Lynda – Game Art: Environment Kit Design
      Concept Art for videogames: Environment and character development by Nacho Yagüe
      Art Camp – Environment Concept Design with Titus Lunter(re-upload)
      FXPHD – DMP208 Digital Matte Painting: The Abandoned Environment
      Jon McCoy – Drawing and Environment Design, Industry Workshops
      Learn Squared – Intro to Environment Painting with Maciej Kuciara
      Gumroad – Painting in an Environment – Ryan Lang
      Gumroad – Anthony Jones – Approachable Environment Interiors (Curvy Interior)
      Gumroad – Environment Design 1 by Alex Ruiz
      Gumroad – Environment Design 3 by Alex Ruiz
      Gumroad – Environment Design 2 by Alex Ruiz
      CGCookie Painterly Environment Course
      Gumroad – Sci-fi Environment James Paick
      Pluralsight – Environment Concept Design with World Machine and Photoshop
      Uartsy – Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4
      Uartsy – Environment Creation Techniques
      The Gnomon Workshop – Creature And Environment Rendering with Nick Pugh Vol.3
      Foundation Patreon – Term 13 – Intro to Environment Lighting – Refinement
      Foundation Patreon – Term 12 – Intro to Environment Lighting – Thumbnails
      Foundation Patreon – Term 5 – Sketching for Environment – Layout & Line Drawing
      Foundation Patreon Term 13 – Intro to Environment Lighting: Refinement
      Digital Tutors – Modeling and Texturing a Low Poly Game Environment in Maya
      SkillShare – Maya Basics Modeling an Isometric Environment
      The Gnomon Workshop – Creating a Sci-Fi Alleyway Detailed Environment Techniques with Devon Fay
      Gumroad – Fantasy Environment Interiors – Tyler Edlin
      Foundation Patreon Term 9 – Design Basics of Environment
      Gumroad – Cinematic Environment Rendering by Chris Rosewarne

      Hope this may helps and if you need some of these – let me know. We will upload it to our website.

  2. This is just Amazing! One of the best 3D Sculpting Character courses available in the market. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Hello, in section “2. Early Beginner Walkthrough with Adam Munoa” videos 9 and 10 are a repetition of video number 8.
    Could you share videos 9 and 10? Thank you very much!

    • You are right.
      “2. Early Beginner Walkthrough with Adam Munoa” videos number 8, 9 and 10 are the same.

  4. you asked me to buy you a coffee and still yet i could not download thank you for the scam you are far too nice i will let the world know about your story

  5. Thank you for uploading this course I am very grateful I hope at some point you can update it and have the most recent version

  6. It appears that is not possible to download any of the last parts of the course as well the course files It is possible to re unload them? i haven’t finished downloading all the parts course.

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