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Hard Surface Lite in Fusion 360 (Russian, Eng sub)


Release date:2022

Duration:07 h 02 m

Author:Zhenya Pak

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The course is divided into nine lessons. The first four lessons will cover specific tools in detail, each lesson consisting of a brief overview and a more in-depth analysis.

The remaining five hours will be dedicated to hands-on practice. I will demonstrate how to use all the tools together while modeling a futuristic turret, providing detailed explanations for you to follow along.

This course is self-contained, and upon completion, you will have the necessary foundational knowledge to create simple hard form assets in Fusion 360. However, it is also a small segment of my larger course on Hard Surface modeling.

This course focuses on “classic poly modeling”, a technique that has been utilized by top 3D artists for many years. Through this program, you will gain access to a wide range of tools for creating 3D models of any level of complexity.

Table of Contents

[XYZ School] Hard Surface Lite in Fusion 360 (Russian, Eng sub)
├── 00 Introduction
├── 01 1.1 Intro in Fusion 360
├── 02 1.2 Sketch Objects
├── 03 1.3 Solid Objects
├── 04 1.4 Construction Planes
├── 05 2.1 Industrial Asset
├── 06 3.1 Turret. Part 1. Blockout
├── 07 3.2 Turret. Part 2. Blockout
├── 08 3.3 Turret. Part 3. Detailing
├── 09 3.4 Turret. Part 4. Detailing
├── Great tutorial on Fusion 360 (youtube-AlexGyver)
└── Additional materials on the course
└── Analysis of the work of students from the Hard-Surface Lite course

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