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Spine Pro – A Complete 2D Character Animation Guide by Think Citric


Release date:2021, July

Duration:04 h 06 m

Author:Think Citric

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course dives deep into leveraging Spine Pro, a powerhouse software for professional-looking 2D character animations with a touch of 3D effects, perfect for game development. It’s designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of Spine Pro’s advanced tools and techniques for top-notch character animations.

The curriculum progresses from foundational basics to advanced methods such as Mesh Animation, Path Constraints, IK, and more. It aims to provide a thorough grasp of the 2D character animation process within Spine Pro.

Why Spine for game character animations?

Spine 2D Animation Software, especially its Pro license, has become a favorite among game developers and 2D digital animators due to its extensive capabilities:

  • User-friendly interface and intuitive functionality.
  • Suited for beginners and advanced animators alike.
  • Comprehensive features tailored for advanced 2D animation.
  • Seamless integration of Spine animations with most game engines.
  • Smooth integration with illustration tools for artwork import.

In essence, Spine Pro empowers 2D animation artists with vast possibilities, even enabling a 3D-like effect within 2D animations, all within your control.

What’s covered in this course?

This course provides an in-depth exploration of Spine Pro’s functionalities, focusing on the animation process, character preparation, and the utilization of advanced tools to enhance animations.

You’ll learn to:

  • Import characters from graphic editors like Photoshop into Spine.
  • Construct character rigs using Meshes, Paths, and Transform Constraints.
  • Associate meshes with character bones via Weights.
  • Incorporate Inverse Kinematics Constraints and manage Draw Order.
  • Create professional-grade Idle and Run animations with a 3D perspective.
  • Elevate animations using Offset and Graphs.
  • Master the art of exporting animations from Spine.
  • Tackle common issues that arise during the animation process and much more.

Ultimately, this course serves as a gateway to mastering Spine Pro, allowing you to craft exceptional 2D character animations for games, including impressive 3D effects, and enabling you to animate like a professional.

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1 – Preparing Your 2D Character for Animation

01 – Introduction
02 – How Spineready Character Should Look Like
03 – How to Export a Character from Photoshop
04 – How to Import a Character Into Spine
05 – How to Fix Missing Images Issue
06 – How to Save Your Spine Project

2 – Rigging with Meshes and IK Constraints

07 – Creating Your First Mesh
08 – Creating Meshes for the Armor
09 – Creating Meshes for the Bending Parts
10 – Character Rig pt1 Rigging a Leg
11 – Character Rig pt2 Core Skeleton
12 – Character Rig pt3 Cape and Hair
13 – Character Rig pt4 Ponytail with Path
14 – Character Rig pt5 Head Control with Transform Constraints
15 – Completing The Head Control
16 – Binding Meshes to the Bones with Weights Tool
17 – Binding Ponytail Path to the Bones
18 – Adding IK Constraints
19 – Adding the Second Leg
20 – How to Change the Draw Oder
21 – Adding a Missing Bone
22 – How to Color the Bones
23 – How to Change the Bones Icons
24 – Creating a Test Animation With a 3D Effect

3 – Spine Pro User Interface

26 – Spine User Interface
27 – Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

4 – Creating The Idle Animation

28 – Idle Animation pt1 Core Movement
29 – Idle Animation pt2 Secondary Motion
30 – NEW Spine 40 Graph Editor Enhancing Idle Animation with Graphs
31 – OLD Spine 38 Graph Editor Enhancing Idle Animation with Graphs
32 – Enhancing Idle Animation with Offsets

5 – Creating the Run Cycle

33 – Run Cycle pt1 Core Movement
34 – Run Cycle pt2 Completing the Core Loop
35 – Run Cycle pt3 Secondary Motion
36 – Run Cycle pt4 Creating a 3D Illusion
37 – Run Cycle pt5 Completing the 3D Illusion
38 – Enhancing Run Animation with Graphs
39 – Enhancing Run Animation with Offsets
40 – NEW Spine 40 Update How to Change Animation Length
41 – OLD Spine 38 How to Change Animation Length
42 – Small Fixes to the Run Cycle

6 – Creating the Blinking Animation

43 – How to Add a New Image to Your Spine Project
44 – How to Add a New Slot
45 – Blinking Eyes Animation
46 – How to Use Preview Mode

7 – Advanced Features

47 – How to Export Animations from Spine

8 – Course Conclusion

48 – Conclusion

[Udemy] Spine Pro – A Complete 2D Character Animation Guide by Think Citric.7z

[Udemy] Spine Pro – A Complete 2D Character Animation Guide by Think Citric_Subtitles.7z

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