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Pencil Drawing Product Drawing Design with Perspective


Release date:2022

Author:Yasin YILDIZ

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What you’ll learn

  • drawing advanced objects
  • sketching techniques used while designing
  • rules of perspective
  • analysis and drawing of objects
  • light shadow and line value in the product
  • thinking in three dimensions and transferring it to paper
  • the drawing processes of objects in an easy way
  • smoother straight line and ellipse drawing conveniences

drawing motivation

Hello.. (This is the third course of the series, which consists of three stages.)

When we examine our daily life, perspective and proportion are everywhere in our lives. On the streets, in the products, in the places, in short, everywhere. Third and end of perspective trainings

In addition to drawing from a different perspective, it is aimed to make conscious observations in this course.

In this training;

– Seeing the rules of perspective with academic and advanced perspective fundamentals and looking complicated
We will apply it on objects.

– You will have learned the general drawing logic of the most difficult objects very well.
– How should we start first when drawing objects? What rules should be in the technical infrastructure? Which

Where should we use the technique? How do we adjust the surfaces of the object drawn in different perspectives?

We will find answers to questions such as:

– The general principle of this training is to learn the drawing techniques of all objects by going from certain basic rules.

is to teach.
– Different movements on the surfaces, starting from the prisms, which are the basis of the product drawing

you can.
– While drawing the products, we will see not only the visible and clear areas, but also the inside and invisible parts of the drawing.
– To draw the drawing of complex objects at the extreme point very easily,
– How to focus the actual lines of the object among many lines,
– How contrasts are captured with the line value,
– How to show the drawn objects more effectively and strikingly,
– The reactions of the line values ​​according to the direction of the light,
– Toning (light – shadow)
– How the line value and the tone value should be in harmony,
– Where we tone so that the perception of depth can be felt on the paper,
– Where we should increase to the darkest values.
– How we can more clearly show that it is in contact with the ground,

We will see all these issues not only theoretically, but also practically through product examples. Since we will deal with these two main topics together, we will see much more permanent results. At the end of the training, you will be able to draw all objects and architectural structures with the right perspective foundations. In this course, which is the last training of the series, we will see products that are very intense and consist of many parts. You will be able to create professional product drawings, starting from scratch, even in the most intense details. In this training, you will learn the techniques that should be used in product-oriented drawings, even when drawing any composition. To learn the techniques that an architect, industrial designer or hobbyist drawing must know, you can watch the training videos and start developing quickly.

Who this course is for:
anyone who wants to learn drawing

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