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How To Shade And Render Your Drawings Like A Pro by Rich Graysonn


Release date:2021, March

Duration:09 h 22 m

Author:Rich Graysonn

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Do you dream of crafting lifelike drawings that mirror the work of seasoned artists?

Look no further—this comprehensive course is tailored for you!

Throughout this in-depth journey, you’ll unravel the core essentials of light, shadow, and texture. Master how to wield these principles effectively, whether wielding a pencil, pen, or digital medium.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

  • Grasping the significance of values and their impact on shading
  • Mastering various light types: direct, falloff, bounced, and rim light
  • Precisely calculating shadows and occlusion
  • Skillfully rendering diverse surfaces
  • Infusing your drawings with captivating textures

By the course’s conclusion, you’ll confidently:

  • Craft realistic shading and rendering techniques
  • Manipulate various lights for distinct visual effects
  • Accurately compute shadows and occlusion
  • Artfully render different surfaces, capturing their unique textures
  • Illustrate a spectrum of objects and scenes in a lifelike style

This course caters to:

  • Beginners eager to delve into shading and rendering
  • Artists aiming to elevate their shading prowess
  • Enthusiasts yearning to create more realistic artworks

Enroll today to unlock these added benefits:

  • Learn under the guidance of a seasoned artist with years of teaching experience in shading and rendering.
  • Gain access to 50+ lectures brimming with over 9 hours of video content.
  • Engage in interactive sessions, posing questions, and receiving valuable feedback from the instructor throughout the course.

Join now and embark on your journey to shading and rendering like a seasoned pro!

Watch online or Download for Free
1 Introduction

1 Welcome !
2 Here is the Class Note Workbook

2 Pencil Control

1 The Roadmap
2 Simple Shading Exercise
3 Understanding Values
4 Hatching
5 Hatching and Cross Hatching a Sphere
6 Shading a Cylinder
7 Shading a Hard Surface Cube
8 The Difference between hard and Soft Surfaces
9 Project 1

3 Understanding Light

1 Understanding Different Types of Light
2 Understanding Direct Light
3 Rendering Direct Light
5 Understanding Light Fall off
6 Rendering Light Fall Off
7 Bounced Light and Rim Light
8 If you are Having a Bad Drawing Day, WATCH THIS !

4 Understanding and Casting Shadow

1 Understanding and Rendering Occlusion
2 Rendering Shadow Edges
3 Calculating Shadows pt 1 Start with a Stick
4 Calculating Shadows pt 2 Simple Planes
5 Calculating Shadows pt 3 Boxes
6 Calculating Shadows pt 4 Curves and Arcs
7 Super Secret shadow Cheat Technique
8 Project 2 The Scene

5 Rendering Surfaces

1 The Turning Point
2 Using your contour Lines
3 Challenge
4 Rendering a Matte Surface
5 Picking your Rendering Battles
6 Rendering a Reflective Surface
7 The Reflective Tube
8 Project 3

6 Rendering Different Textures

1 Intro to Textures
2 Adding Textures Method
3 Subtracting Method
4 Dividing Textures
5 Multiplying Textures
6 Simplifying Textures
7 Project 4
8 Guess What

7 Useful things to know how to draw

1 The Towel
2 Building a better tree pt 1
3 Building a better tree pt 2
4 Drawing Shrubbery
5 Drawing Better Rocks
6 Drawing clouds and smoke
7 A quick word
8 Drawing Grass and Wood Textures
9 Drawing water and waves

8 You can do this in Ink

1 When all else fails, HATCH!
2 Outlining your work
3 Practicing Pen control
4 Applying the hatching concept to made up textures
5 And Thank you!

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[Udemy] How To Shade And Render Your Drawings Like A Pro by Rich Graysonn_Subtitles.7z

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