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Create and Animate a Vehicle in Blender & Substance Painter by Darrin Lile


Release date:2023, June

Duration:13 h 58 m

Author:Darrin Lile

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to this course where we will Create and Animate a Vehicle in Blender and Substance Painter. We’re going to create a World War II-era Canadian Ambulance. And we’ll begin with preparing our reference images in Krita, then taking them into Blender and setting them up in the 3D Viewport.

We’ll then start blocking in the basic shapes to get a sense of the size and proportion of the various pieces and how they should fit together. As we refine the model, you’ll learn about Blender’s modeling tools and modifiers, how to stay organized during a large project, and how to plan for rigging and animating the vehicle.

You’ll also learn how to prepare a model in Blender for texturing in Adobe Substance Painter. We’ll go over how to use materials to organize your texture sets, bake maps in Substance Painter, and use masks and generators to add dirt and wear to your models. We’ll then go over how to configure and export texture maps from Substance Painter and how to apply them to your model in Blender.

Now we’re ready to start animating our vehicle. But first we need to rig the truck. We will use the free Blender add-on, Rigacar, to create a vehicle rig, configure the suspension, and animate it across rugged terrain. Once the animation is complete, you’ll learn how to render out an image sequence of the scene, as well as a final .mp4 video file.

This course will take you from start to finish, creating an animated scene of a vehicle in an environment. The tools and skills you’ll learn in this course will allow you to take the next step of creating your amazing animated scenes.

So join me! Learn Blender while creating this realistic vehicle and animating it through rugged terrain. This kind of project is always a lot of fun. It’s got lots of room for customization along the way. But by the end, you’ll understand everything you need to know to make incredible animations!

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01. Introduction

01. Course Overview
02. Preparing Reference Images in Krita
03. Reference Images in Blender

02. Modeling the Vehicle

01. Beginning the Basic Shapes
02. Blocking in the Complex Angles
03. Extruding the Back of the Truck
04. Adding the Fenders
05. Creating the Front Wheel Wells
06. Closing Up the Front
07. Adding the Top of the Vehicle
08. Creating the Side Doors
09. Beginning the Side Window
10. Refining the Door Hinges
11. Modeling the Door Handles
12. Modeling the Grill Frame
13. Finishing the Grill
14. Beginning the Rear Doors
15. Beginning the Headlights
16. Continuing the Headlight
17. Finishing the Headlights
18. The Bisect and Shear Tools
19. Beginning the Front Shield Panels
20. Finishing the Front Shields
21. Adding the Small Window Shields
22. Fixes, Clean-up, and Organization
23. Beginning the Tires and Wheels
24. Adding the Bolts to the Wheel
25. Finishing the Wheels
26. Beginning the Tire Treads
27. Finishing the Tire Treads
28. Modeling the Rear Ladder
29. Creating the Rear Bumper
30. Beginning the Rear View Mirrors
31. Finishing the Rearview Mirrors
32. Finishing the Rearview Mirrors
33. Creating the Circular Hooks
34. Beginning the Undercarriage
35. Modeling the Front Axle
36. Adding Details to the Axle
37. Continuing Work on the Axles
38. Adding Details to the Undercarriage
39. Finishing the Undercarriage
40. Face Orientation and Fitting Pieces Together
41. Modeling the Inner Walls
42. Modeling the Seats
43. Creating the Gear Shift and Parking Brake
44. Modeling the Steering Wheel
45. Modeling the Dash Board
46. Finishing the Interior
47. Creating the Tarp Hooks
48. Adding Ropes to the Tarp
49. Adding More Details
50. Creating the Mudflaps and Hood Cover
51. Modeling the Hood Hinges
52. Finishing the Hood Clamps

03. UV Mapping the Vehicle

01. Using Smart UV Project
02. Using the Unwrap Tool
03. Using a UV Test Pattern
04. UV Mapping the Grill and Doors
05. Continuing the UV Mapping
06. UV Mapping the Exterior Body
07. UV Mapping and Face Orientation
08. Finishing the UV Mapping

04. Exporting the Model and Baking Texture Maps

01. Preparing the Model for Export
02. Continuing the Material Set-up
03. Exporting to Substance Painter
04. Fixing UV Issues in Blender
05. Using the Project Configuration Tool

05. Texturing in Substance Painter

01. Beginning the Base Materials
02. Polygon Fill and Triplanar Projection
03. Tires, Roof, and Mirrors
04. Texturing the Interior
05. Texturing the Undercarriage and Ladder
06. Finishing the Base Materials
07. Fixing UV Issues in Blender
08. Updating Changes in Substance Painter
09. Beginning to Paint the Dirt
10. Continuing to Paint the Dirt Layers
11. Painting Height and Bump Information
12. Adding Decals to the Vehicle
13. Texturing the Headlights
14. Exporting Textures Maps from Substance Painter
15. Applying the Textures in Blender

06. Rigging and Animating the Vehicle

01. Setting up the Vehicle for Rigging
02. Car Rigging and Render Settings
03. Animating the Vehicle
04. Rendering the Animation
06. Rendering and Exporting a Video File
07. Conclusion

01. Introduction.7z
Project Files.7z.001.rar
Project Files.7z.002.rar
Project Files.7z.003.rar
Project Files.7z.004.rar
Project Files.7z.005.rar
Project Files.7z.006.rar
Project Files.7z.007.rar
Project Files.7z.008.rar
Project Files.7z.009.rar
Project Files.7z.010.rar
Project Files.7z.011.rar
Project Files.7z.012.rar
Project Files.7z.013.rar
Project Files.7z.014.rar
Reference images.7z
[Udemy] Create and Animate a Vehicle in Blender & Substance Painter by Darrin Lile_Subtitles.7z

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  1. Missing video 05.Adjusting the Suspension and Animating the Camera.mp4 from section 06.Rigging and Animating the Vehicle

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