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Sculpting Animals With Steve Lord


Release date:2014, September

Author: Steve Lord

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Description : Sculpting creatures, both real and imaginary, requires a deep understanding of animal anatomy, from basic structures to the most complex tissue connections. Improving these skills is a challenging obstacle for many artists, but at the same time, they are absolutely invaluable experiences. In this all-new masterclass from legendary sculptor Steve Lord, you will learn how to cope with all the challenges of sculpting anatomically complex animals, and create unrealistically believable and realistic creatures in ZBrush.

The 5 most important lessons:
1. Understanding how to dynamically sculpt biologically accurate animal anatomy.
2. How to sculpt detailed figures using advanced techniques.
3. How to sculpt stunning and detailed fantasy creatures using real-world animal anatomy.
4. How to sculpt the anatomy of a horse and dog from start to finish.
5. Sculpting and understanding the muscular and skeletal structure of animals.

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Module 01 Pre-Class Bonus Drapery

Lecture 01 Introduction To Drapery and Beginning the Pants
Lecture 02 Major Folds of the Pants
Lecture 03 Refining the Pants
Lecture 04 Shirt

Module 02 Introduction to Animal Anatomy

Lecture 02 Introduction
Lecture 03 Setting Up A Mannequin
Lecture 04 Refining the Mannequin
Lecture 05 Understanding Basic Anatomy Landmarks
Lecture 06 Beginning the Blockout
Lecture 07 Checking Measurements
Lecture 08 The Importance of Reference and Silhouette
Lecture 09 Continuing Basic Landmarks and Silhouettes
Lecture 10 Continuing the Sculpt and Refining the Ribcage
Lecture 11 Ammending Measurements
Lecture 12 Muscles of the Thighs
Lecture 13 Difereces in Obliques Between Animals
Lecture 14 Working on the Hind Legs

Module 03 Building a Canine Base

Lecture 01 Class Intro
Lecture 02 Studying Animal Anatomy Photo Reference
Lecture 03 Blocking out Large Muscle Groups
Lecture 04 Studying the Dog Skull and Facial Muscles
Lecture 05 Building up the Facial Mucles
Lecture 06 Working on the Ears
Lecture 07 Studying the Profile of the Face and Continuing to Build Forms
Lecture 08 Sculpting the Front Paws
Lecture 09 Blocking the Lower Muscles of the Front Leg
Lecture 10 Blocking in the Upper Muscle Groups of the Front Leg
Lecture 11 Scribing in the Cheast Muscles and Reworking Forms
Lecture 12 Blocking in The Rib Cage
Lecture 13 Refining the Rib Cage
Lecture 14 Defing the Back Muscles and the Upper Leg Area
Lecture 15 Building up The Muscles of The Hind Area
Lecture 16 Working on the Overall Sculpt

Module 04 Refining The Canine

Lecture 01 Blocking Out Back Leg Anatomy
Lecture 02 Refining the Hind Foot
Lecture 03 Scribing In the Haunches
Lecture 04 Comparing Horse and Lion Anatomy
Lecture 05 Forming the Shoulder Muscles
Lecture 06 Adding the Neck Muscles
Lecture 07 Smoothing and Footpad Blockout
Lecture 08 Further Refinement of the Hind Legs
Lecture 09 Blocking in the Major Shapes of the Front Legs
Lecture 10 Scribing in the Muscles of the Front Legs
Lecture 11 Adjusting the Major Forms of the Front Legs and Chest
Lecture 12 Scribing in the Muscles of the Upper Front Legs
Lecture 13 Scribing in the Muscles of the Chest and the Lower Front Legs
Lecture 14 Focusing on the Shape and Function of the Front Legs
Lecture 15 Examinnig and Building on the Front Paws
Lecture 16 Building on The Forms of the Front Legs
Lecture 17 Detailing the Forms of the Front Legs
Lecture 18 Analyzing Movement of the Front Legs and Reworking Accordingly
Lecture 19 Examining the Movement of the Dogs Limbs
Lecture 20 Reviewing How to Sculpt a Dog in a Curled Pose

Module 05 Finishing the Canine

Lecture 01 Creating Mass in the Hind Leg
Lecture 02 Smoothing and Scribing Legs and Ribs
Lecture 03 Adding Shape to the Torso
Lecture 04 Blocking out Main Forms of the Head
Lecture 05 Scribing in Facial Features
Lecture 06 Understanding Shapes and Forms of the Head
Lecture 07 Forming the Eye and Brow
Lecture 08 Masseter and Ear Placement
Lecture 09 Assessing the Shape of the Skull
Lecture 10 Examining Ear Reference
Lecture 11 Sculpting the Ears Part 1
Lecture 12 Sculpting the Ears Part 2
Lecture 13 Adjusting the Neck
Lecture 14 Analyzing Leg Reference
Lecture 15 Scribing in Lower Front Leg Muscles
Lecture 16 Vein Technique Overview
Lecture 17 Creating Veins with ZSpheres
Lecture 18 Sculpting Veins and Using Curve Brushes
Lecture 19 Creating and Placing the Nail
Lecture 20 Placing the other Nails and Sculpting the Pads of the Feet
Lecture 21 Long Hair Techniques Part 2
Lecture 22 Long Hair Techniques Part 1
Lecture 23 Short Hair Techniques

Module 06 Building a Horse Base

Lecture 01 Comparing Dog and Horse Anatomy
Lecture 02 Blocking in the Pose with ZSpheres
Lecture 03 Refining the Pose
Lecture 04 Making Proportional Adjustments
Lecture 05 Adding Mass and Understanding Body Forms
Lecture 06 Looking at the Shape of the Ribcage and Haunches
Lecture 07 Roughing Out Major Body Landmarks
Lecture 08 Understanding Weight Distribution
Lecture 09 Adjusting the Legs to Match the Pose
Lecture 10 Modifying the Upper Body Sillhoutte
Lecture 11 Scribing in Neck Muscles
Lecture 12 Observing Where Muscles Sit and Connect
Lecture 13 Placing Portruding Bones
Lecture 14 General Body Refinements
Lecture 15 Adding Haunch Anatomy
Lecture 16 Pushing Back Leg Detail

Module 07 Refining the Horse

Lecture 01 Blocking Out a Hoof
Lecture 02 Placing the Hoof
Lecture 03 Checking Sillhouttes
Lecture 04 Adjusting the Foreleg
Lecture 05 Examining Foreleg Reference and Making Adjustments
Lecture 06 Placing the Other Hooves
Lecture 07 Studying Hind Leg Reference
Lecture 08 Blocking in a Skull and Scribing in Landmarks
Lecture 09 Scribing in Muscle Groups
Lecture 10 Checking Proportions
Lecture 11 Neck Muscle Overview
Lecture 12 Sculpting the Ribcage
Lecture 13 Sculpting the Right Shoulder
Lecture 14 Using Anatomy Reference
Lecture 15 Cutting in Left Shoulder Muscle Groups
Lecture 16 Defining Lower Foreleg Muscle Groups
Lecture 17 Adjusting the Underbelly

Module 08 Polishing the Horse

Lecture 01 Molding Foreleg Shape
Lecture 02 Front Right Leg Adjusting
Lecture 03 Scribing in Hindquarter Muscle Groups
Lecture 04 Sculpting the Knee Transition
Lecture 05 Forming the Gastrocnemius
Lecture 06 Adding a Tail
Lecture 07 Looking at Eye Placement and Skull Shape
Lecture 08 Placing and Shaping the Ears
Lecture 09 Refining the Ears
Lecture 10 Laying Down Facial Muscles
Lecture 11 Eye Placing
Lecture 12 Eye Orientation
Lecture 13 Evaluating Facial Muscles
Lecture 14 Scribing in Head Muscle Groups
Lecture 15 Adding Form to the Eyes and Nostrils
Lecture 16 Defining Creases in the Face

Module 09 Finishing the Horse

Lecture 01 Working on the Head Neck Transition
Lecture 02 Seperating the Head
Lecture 03 Defining The Eyes
Lecture 04 Returning to The Knee
Lecture 05 Addressing the Inside of the Legs
Lecture 06 Adding Veins
Lecture 07 Refining the Hing Leg
Lecture 08 Major Structures of the Neck
Lecture 09 Neck Muscles Continued
Lecture 10 Studying Muscle Masses of the Shoulder
Lecture 11 Shoulder Forms Continued
Lecture 12 Scribing in Shoulder and Neck
Lecture 13 Looking at Artists Anatomy
Lecture 14 Looking at the Tail
Lecture 15 Forming the Tail
Lecture 16 Blocking out the Mane
Lecture 17 Shaping the Hair of the Mane
Lecture 18 Breaking Down Deer Anatomy
Lecture 19 Deer Anatomy Continuedy

Module 10 Creating Hybrid Creatures using Existing Animal Anatomy

Lecture 02 Applying Lizard Anatomy
Lecture 03 Understanding the Practicality of Your Sculpt (2)
Lecture 04 Transitioning Between Human and Dog Legs (2)
Lecture 05 Melding Dog and Human Anatomy for the Upper Body (2)
Lecture 06 Shaping the Head (2)
Lecture 07 Blocking Out the Hands (2)
Lecture 08 Refining Hand and Arm Anatomy (2)
Lecture 09 Texturing Overview (2)
Lecture 10 Comparing Hip Structures (2)
Lecture 11 Looking at Reptilian Leg Anatomy (2)
Lecture 12 Comparing Different Leg Structures (2)
Lecture 13 Scribing in Hindquarter Anatomy
Lecture 14 Sculpting Tail Anatomy
Lecture 15 Getting the Subtleties of the Tail
Lecture 16 Skin and Scales Detailing
Lecture 17 Observing the Flow and Form
Lecture 18 Defining the Skull and Jaw
Lecture 19 Making Scale Textures
Lecture 20 Final Touches to the Head
Lecture 21 Animal Anatomy Overview Part 1
Lecture 22 Animal Anatomy Overview Part 2
Lecture 23 Animal Anatomy Overview Part 3

Module 11 Sculpting a Believable Creature

Lecture 01 Anatomy Choices
Lecture 02 Creature Bone Structure
Lecture 03 Scribing Out Muscle Groups
Lecture 04 Blocking Out Upper Body
Lecture 05 General Body Pass
Lecture 06 First Head Pass
Lecture 07 Comparing Human and Cat Forearms
Lecture 08 Paw Refinement
Lecture 09 Footpad and Wrist Adjustment
Lecture 10 Smoothing the Body and Vien Detail
Lecture 11 Adding Muscle Striation
Lecture 12 Second Body Pass
Lecture 13 Making Horns Part 1
Lecture 14 Making Horns Part 2
Lecture 15 Making Horns Part 3
Lecture 16 Eye Placement
Lecture 17 Horn Detailing
Lecture 18 Adding Details With Insert Mesh Brushes
Lecture 19 Mirroring the Head Tube
Lecture 20 Using Insert Mesh with Curves
Lecture 21 Adding Neck Creases
Lecture 22 Scribing In Extra Detail and Adding Color
Lecture 23 Playing With Color
Lecture 24 Adjusting Lighting and Material
Lecture 25 Outro

Module 12 Critiques 2014


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