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Rapid Illustration


Release date:2015, May


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Sam demonstrates his workflow for illustration. Sam goes from Daz, to ZBrush, and then finally Photoshop to finish his illustrations. Understand advanced ideas of character design and fundamentals of DAZ. How to further develop characters by rapidly producing accessories in Zbrush. Create realistic clothing for characters in Marvelous Designer. Rapidly render and composite characters for professional presentation.Using Photoshop, apply the finishing touches to characters for a completed illustration.

Project 1: Introduction To DAZ & Character Design
Sam covers his character design process, thumbnailing in photoshop, and introduces DAZ.

Project 2: Accessorizing Your Character
Further develop the composition and create accessories for your character in ZBrush

Project 3: Creating Clothing & Refining Your Character
Learn to use ZBrush and Marvelous designer to create your character’s costume

Project 4: Finalizing The Character Model
Explore more techniques for clothing design, including exporting, saving, and rendering garments

Project 5: Rendering & Compositing
Render your model and begin compositing all the elements of your illustration together

Project 6: Adding The Finishing Touches
Finalize your illustration by adding in hair, skin tones, animals, and other graphic elements

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Mod 1

2-Starting Out
3-Daz Overview

Mod 2

1-Posing in DAZ
2-GOz Exchange
3-Smart Reference

Mod 3

3-Effects and brushes
4-Daz to Z workflow

Mod 4

2-Illustrational Elements
3-Quick Solutions
4-Render Improvments

Mod 5

1-Polishing Techniques
2-Polishing Tech 2
3-Workflow Recap


Week 1

Mod 1

02-The character
03-Character Design
04-Intro to Daz
05-Adjusting Form in Daz
06-Lighting in Daz
07-Adjusting the pose in Ps
08-Concepting Accessories in PS
09-Fire n Q&A

Mod 2

01-General Compostion Advice
02-Sand Demo
03-Daz to Zbrush
04-Accessories Blocking Out Pants
05-Sculpting Pants
06-Morph Targets in Daz
07-Sculpting a Glove Q&A

Mod 3

03-Box Modeling
04-Shadow Box
05-Insert Mesh Brush
06-Marvelous Designer
07-Creating the straps
08-Creating the pants
09-Adjusting the fit
10-Ice Demo pt1
11-Ice Demo pt2

Mod 4

02-Creating a Toga
03-Exporting garments
04-Saving Garments
05-Creating a shirt
06-Buttons and tailoring
07-Creating a kilt
08-Fabric Properties
09-Pose Morphing from Daz
10-Reality Render
11-Lux Render

Mod 5

01-Preparing for textures
02-Preparing for render
03-Lighting in LUX
04-Using stock elements
05-Adjusting Render Layers

Mod 6

01-Learning from working pt1
02-Learning from working pt2
03-Concept design vs illustration
05-Abstract painting
07-Skin tones

[Uartsy] Rapid Illustration_Subtitles.7z

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