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Female Figure Sculpting


Release date:2022, September

Author:Cesar Zambelli

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Female Figure Sculpting : In this 11 module course, Cesar Zambelli sculpts the female figure in ZBrush. He demonstrates anatomy, sculpting techniques and good topology.

The 5 most important lessons Female Figure Sculpting :

  • Gain a solid understanding of human anatomy.
  • Understand the difference between male and female anatomy.
  • Dynamically sculpt female anatomy.
  • Learn how to add fine detail and touch ups.
  • Understand how to render a beautiful image for your portfolio.
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01 Fundamentals of Anatomy

02 Understanding and Blocking Out the Head
03 Constructing the Sillhouette of the Head
04 Adding Realistic Features to the Head
05 Finallizing the Sillhouette of the Head
06 The Differences between a Male and Female Torso
07 Blocking Out Key Features of the Torso
08 Adding Final Anatomic Details to the Torso

02 Fundamentals of Anatomy Arm and Leg

01 The Form of the Human Arm
02 Adding Muscle Landmarks to the Forearm
03 Giving Realistic Detail to the Forearm and Hand
04 Adding Believeable Detail to the Hand
05 Making the Anatomy Look Real
06 Introduction and the Differences Between a Male and Female Arm
07 Explaining and Blocking out the Form of the Leg
08 Placing the Anatomical Landmarks of the Leg
09 Adding Proper Volume to the Leg and Toes
10 Sculpting Realstic Features on the Leg and Toes
11 Finalizing Your Detail for the Leg
12 Differences Between the Male and Female Leg

03 Fundamentals Of Posing Your Figure

01 Introduction to the Art of Posing
02 Understanding the Concepts and Tools Behind Posing
03 Grasping Contrasts within Poses
04 ZSpheres Creating an Elegant Pose
05 ZSpheres Creating Realism in Your Poses
06 Creating Form in a T-Pose
07 Using Foundation to Pose
08 T-Pose Adding Form to your Pose
09 T-Pose Making the Pose Realistic

04 Female Figure Blocking Out the Model In ZBrush

01 Organizing your Project and Setting the Foundation
02 Injecting Subtle Anatomy into your Form
03 Finalizing a Realistic Look
04 Preparing Form and Volume of the Head
05 Understanding and Creating Female Facial Features
06 Adding Final Features and Creating Personality
07 Giving Your Work Subtle Character
08 Cleaning Up Your Fine Detail
09 Bringing out the Ear and the Eyes
10 Fixing Final Detail
11 Tweaking the Head

05 Female Figure Sculpting The Arms, Legs, Hands, and Feet In ZBrush

01 Adjusting Size and Volume of the Arm
02 Sculpting the Fingers
03 Sculpting the Arm and Using the Morph Brush to Mirror Detail
04 Sculpting the Left Leg
05 Sculpting the Right Leg
06 Continue Sculpting the Left Leg and Left Foot
07 Sculpting the Left Foot Continued

06 Female Figure Sculpting The Face And Body In ZBrush

01 Adding Personality to the Head
02 Sculpting Subtle Features
03 Focusing on the Suble Details
04 Re-Shaping the Hair
05 Pushing Out Important Forms
06 Shaping Essential Forms
07 Adding Subtle Details
08 Using Reference for Realstic Features
09 Adding Realism to the Foot
10 Polishing Up Main Featuress
11 Blocking Out the Shoe
12 Fitting and Finalizing the Shoe

07 Female Figure Sculpting Panties And The Pinup Pose In ZBrush

01 Making Adjustments to the Pose
02 Adjusting the Right Hand
03 Sculpting the Hand and Wrist
04 Adjusting the Fingers
05 Sculpting Finger Details
06 Creating the Undergarment
07 Sculpting the Undergarment
08 Sculpting the Left Arm
09 Repostitioning the Undergarment
10 Sculpting the Left Hand and Lower Arm

08 Female Figure Finalizing The Pose In ZBrush

01 Reviewing the Model
02 Fixing Proportions and Muscles
03 Adjusting the Foot and Shoe
04 Resculpting the Face Part 1
05 Resculpting the Face Part 2
06 Resculpting the Face Part 3
07 Changing the Left Arm Pose
08 Adjusting the Fingers
09 Adjusting the Pose With Transpose Master
10 More Pose Adjustments

09 Female Figure Refining The Body In ZBrush

01 Refining the Left Foot Part 1
02 Refining the Left Foot Part 2
03 Refining the Forms of the Torso
04 Adjusting the Torso and Hands Part 1
05 Adjusting the Torso and Hands Part 2
06 Refining the Right Hand Part 1
07 Refining the Right Hand Part 2
08 Finishing the Right Hand and Beginning the Left
09 Continuing the Left Hand and Adjusting the Undergarment
10 Finishing the Left Hand and Adjusting the Silhouette
11 Making the Right Foot Symetrical

10 Female Figure Refining The Face And Props

01 Recreating Symmetry on the Head Part 1
02 Recreating Symmetry on the Head Part 2
03 Resculpting the Face Part 1
04 Resculpting the Face Part 2
05 Resculpting the Face Part 3
06 Refining the Shoe Part 1
07 Refining the Shoe Part 2
08 Refining the Shoe Part 3

11 Female Figure Organizing The Mesh And Rendering

01 Resculpting the Undergarment Part 1
02 Resculpting the Undergarment Part 2
03 Resculpting the Undergarment Part 3
04 Closing the Eyes
05 Sculpting the Hair
06 Replacing the Old Head
07 Merging the Hair With the Head Part 1
08 Merging the Hair With the Head Part 2
09 Retouching the Model Part 1
10 Retouching the Model Part 2
11 Retouching the Model Part 3
12 Retouching the Model Part 4
13 Retouching the Hair Part 1
14 Retouching the Hair Part 2
15 More Fine Detailing and Preparing to Render
16 Final Render Part 1
17 Final Render Part 2

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