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3D Printing for Artists


Release date:2015, February

Duration:21 h 59 m

Author:Joseph Drust and Tomas Wittelsbach

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Hey Guys
Joseph Drust and Tomas Wittelsbach have joined forces to bring you an incredible, fully loaded 3D printing program with Uartsy. We just wrapped up an awesome webinar with Joseph Drust & Thomas Wittelsbach on how artists today are using 3D printing Technology.

This 3D Printing bundle combines Joseph’s 3D Printing For Artists course with Tomas Jewelry Design In ZBrush course to give you
10 weeks of training on creating your own line of custom-made jewelry using ZBrush and 3D printing
10 weeks of training on advanced digital sculpting and 3D printing processes
Weekly live critiques with BOTH Tomas Wittelsbach and Joseph Drust themselves!
In his 10-week intensive course, Joseph Drust will show you everything you need to know to create your own collectibles, freelance for the toy industry & get started with your own Makerbot or CGtrader.
Jewelry design is a fine art that has exploded thanks to the advent of digital sculpting and 3D printing. In his 10-week intensive course, Tomas Wittelsbach, will teach you his complete production workflow, giving you all the techniques you’ll need to create your very own reproducible high-end jewelry or assets.

Watch online or Download for Free
01 Sculpting a Simple Toy In ZBrush

01 Introduction
02 Starting with SpotLight and a Sphere
03 Adding Features
04 Merging Subtools and Refining the Sculpt
05 Insert Brush Tooth and ShadowBox Feet
06 Duplicating and Mirroring Legs
07 Dynameshing and Polishing the Sculpt
08 Conclusion and Q&A

02 Sculpting and Hollowing a Chess Piece In ZBrush

01 Introduction
02 Chess Piece Part 01
03 Chess Piece Part 02
04 Chess Piece Part 03
05 Chess Piece Part 04 Hollowing
06 Hollowing Method 1 revised
07 Q&A

03 Creating Keys In ZBrush

01 Introduction
02 Dynamesh & Projection
03 Slicing up your model
04 Prepping for Keys
05 Keying Continued
06 Conclusion and Q&A
07 Facial Keys

04 Introduction to Creating Articulated Joints In ZBrush

01 Introduction to Scale
02 Joints Part 01
03 Joints Part 02
04 Cutting Model for Swivel Hinge Joints P1
05 Cutting Model for Swivel Hinge Joints P2
06 Q & A

05 Create Hinge And Swivel Joints In ZBrush

01 Hollowing Keying Swivel Joints P1
02 Hollowing Keying Swivel Joints P2
03 Hinge Joint Workflow P1
04 Hinge Joint Workflow P2
05 Morph Brush Workflow
06 Adding Elbow Pad

06 Creating Advanced Articulated Joints In ZBrush

01 Swivel Hinge Joints
02 Forgiveness Notch
03 Swivel Hinge Pop Joints
04 Hinge 35mm Waist Joint & Lego Joint
05 Pin & Revoltech Joints
06 Revoltech Joints Continued
07 Sprew Systems

07 Making Your Model Water Tight Using ZBrush

01 Using Expose and Sizing for a Printer Bed
02 3D Print Exporter and NetFabb
03 Decimating Discussion
04 Zenhancer Plugin and New Joints
05 Back Filling P1
06 Back Filling P2
07 Back Filling P3

08 Alphas, Projection Master and Insert Mesh Brushes In ZBrush

01 Intro
02 Creating Alphas
03 Generating Mesh from Alphas
04 Projection Master Part 1
05 Projection Master Part 2
06 Tri Part Insert Mesh Brush
07 Wacom Driver Restart and Cut3D

09 Create Supports For 3D Printing In ZBrush And Meshmixer

01 Introduction
02 Making Supports in Zbrush
03 Generating Supports in Meshmixer
04 Using Agisoft
05 Cleaning Up Scan Data Part 1
06 Cleaning Up Scan Data Part 2
07 More Scan Data
08 Q & A

10 Learn Simple Mold Making Techniques

01 Introduction to Moldmaking and Molding
02 Preparing an Alginate Mold
03 Creating the Alginate Mold
04 Creating a Mold Star Mold
05 Casting in Monster Clay and Preparing the Mold Star Mold
06 Casting in Plastic and Cleaning the Monster Clay Cast
07 Creating a 2-Part Mold and Wrap Up

[Uartsy] 3D Printing for Artists.7z
[Uartsy] 3D Printing for Artists_Subtitles.7z

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