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Truth in the Spot 3.0 – Composition Fundamentals Course by Christina Miloslavskaya (Истина в пятне – Russian, Eng sub)


Release date:2023

Duration:07 h 37 m

Author:Christina Miloslavskaya

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course is designed to accommodate all individuals with a creative spirit, offering the foundational steps necessary to craft any picture.

Spot Study: Unveiling the Essence of Large Forms
Embark on an exploration of the fundamental harmony and aesthetic appeal found in expansive forms. Engage in diverse exercises aimed at nurturing your understanding of spots. Utilizing the stencil technique, this lesson will require stamp ink and a roller as you delve into the nuances of spots.

Format: Conquering the Blank Canvas
Learn to conquer the intimidation of a blank canvas by mastering the art of storytelling through effective composition. This module culminates in creating still life and landscape artworks using gouache, tempera, or acrylic mediums. Additionally, various exercises will aid in overcoming the anxiety often associated with a pristine white canvas.

Color: Delving into Color Harmony Basics
Explore the rudiments of color harmony by immersing yourself in the creation of abstract compositions within interior spaces. Discover the significance of color, tone, and foundational color techniques in artistic expression.

Bonus Lesson: Drawing Meditation
Experience the essence of warming up and establishing a daily artistic practice through drawing meditation—a fundamental practice for honing your skills and establishing a consistent creative routine.

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