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The 60-Chapter Guide to VTuber Production: Illustration, Rigging, and Debut [Coloso, AuRoRa Studio, Group Buy]


Release date:2024

Duration:23 h 59 m

Author:AuRoRa Studio

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

All-in-One Vtuber Production Class Covering the Entire Production Process.

Rising VTuber Market!

Curious about how characters are created and debuted?

From character design to rigging for movement, designing broadcast screens, and producing debut presentations, this class covers all the necessary tasks for the birth of a virtual character.

Learn all aspects of VTuber Production, from parts organization to design work using Live2D and Figma!

Interested in enhancing your skills in crafting high-quality virtual characters? The production of virtual characters involves various intricate parts and processes, making team collaboration indispensable. Effective collaboration is achieved through clear communication among specialists in each stage, ultimately contributing to the creation of top-notch virtual characters.

Join our course, where professional instructors from AuRoRa Studio will unite to unveil the industry’s work processes and essential elements for quality improvement. Unlock the secrets to swiftly becoming a professional in the rapidly growing VTuber market at Coloso

24 Class Exercises

Part 1. Virtual Character Creation and Parts Separation: Illustrator BON
Part 2. Live2D Rigging: Rigger Jogoom
Part 3. Character Concept Analysis and Debut Work: Designer N4ly​

An Accessible Introductory Class for VTuber Production​

Regardless of your experience in virtual character creation, you can follow along from the production initiation stage to finalizing characters, organizing layers, and final delivery with the professional instructors at AuRoRa Studio.

Customized Detailed Parts Materials Provided Per Difficulty Level​

We provide materials that will assist your learning progress, ranging from beginning-level materials composed of simple parts to intermediate-level materials with complex parts, aiding in continued learning beyond introductory content.

Practical Tips for Faster Transition into a Pro​

Apart from improving the quality of the character itself, you’ll also be able to review various elements used during character broadcasting and delivery methods by experiencing the actual process of virtual character production in the industry.

The 60-Chapter Guide to VTuber Production Illustration, Rigging, and Debut-20
The 60-Chapter Guide to VTuber Production Illustration, Rigging, and Debut-20

You can find more details by following this link.

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  1. Bro can you do this one please :
    All about Japanese Key Animation: Genga by Julien cortey

  2. hi. the seems to be broken. I can’t register. the email doesn’t arrive!
    I can’t even login there.

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