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Stylized Character Workflow (Part 1 – 2)


Release date:2019

Author: Julien Kaspar

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this course, 3D Artist Julien Kaspar from the Blender Animation Studio will give a detailed guide on how to create a stylized character for film production. This series of videos will encompass the entire 3D creation workflow from the early design process, modeling & UV unwrapping, texturing & shading, all the way to the final posing, presentation & lighting setup and getting the model ready for rigging.

This project is currently still work in progress. Because of the bigger scope of the course, each chapter will be released one at a time. You can also download the .blend files on the creation process of the character “Rain”. More material such as WIP renders, early tests and turntable vidoes from different stages in the production with detailed descriptions are also available. The final rigged character and all production files will be freely available once it is finished.

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      • Hello guys, could you upload this [Blender market] “Braid Hair Grooming And Simulation In Blender” and [Blender Market] “Cornrow (Braided Hair) Hair Groom And Styling In Blender 2.8x”
        many thanks for everything

      • Here is the first one. I will send more as I transcode them.

        Pluralsite link

        • Thanks for sharing!
          If you provide me your account details I’ll grant you a month of premium status.

          • Uploading Pluralsight – Indie Game Development Pipeline as I transcode them.

            Sorry about the first one being in Quicktime didn’t notice it. And thanks for the offer, but I do not have an account, besides I have already gotten a lot from you.



          • I have uploaded the last two parts for Pluralsight – Indie Game Development Pipeline. Sorry, it took me so long to get these uploaded.


          • thanks. I did it, but could not find in my ‘download’ trash ((
            Sorry for the mess from my side…

  1. Hi !
    In “1 โ€“ Preparation & Head Sculpting” file: “03 โ€“ Blender Setup” is missing : /

    Love your site, i could educate myself even i am a poor person.
    I hope i’ll be able to give as much to the World as you did.
    Thank you sooo much : )

  2. This course had an extra video added in chapter 2. It’s called ‘Update: Optimal Clothing Basemesh’, and seems to be an important one. If you adm could upload it, I would be grateful.

  3. Hihi

    Thank you for maintaining this awesome site

    This course was updated in June 2020. A new video was added:

    It’d be awesome if it were included here as well. This course is super valuable for anyone trying to get into character modelling.


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