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Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials (update up to June 2021)


Release date:2021, June 28

Author:Manuel Casakola

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

We’re both CG artists working somewhere in between art, VFX and technology. And we both have a passion for teaching. While working on commercial projects we often face unusual tasks that require unconventional techniques. And in our spare time we enjoy spending long hours in front of the screen, investigating interesting algorithms and approaches. We decided to share these techniques with you and build an online video library to serve as a reference and inspiration.

We really enjoy running Entagma! And we love the great community that formed around it. If you like our work and feel the urge to support us in making even more awesome stuff, feel free to become our patron. With your help we’ll be able to continue what we did over the course of the last year.

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Advanced Setups 00 – Intro
Advanced Setups 01 – Genetic Algorithms

Advanced Setups 00 – Intro
Advanced Setups 01 – Genetic Algorithms

PDG 101 – Pt.01- Course Overview & PDG Basics
PDG 101 – Pt.02- Wedging
PDG 101 – Pt.03- Wedging 2
PDG 101 – Pt.04- Batch Processing
PDG 101 – Pt.05- Problem Solving in TOPs
PDG 101 – Pt.06- Render Manager
PDG 101 – Pt.07- Product Lineup
PDG 101 – Pt.08- Command Line Programs & Texture Synthesis
PDG 101 – Pt.09- HDAs & File Tags
PDG 101 – Pt.10- Online Data & APIs
PDG 101 – Pt.11- Comping in COPs
PDG 101 – Pt.12- Faux 3d printing
PDG 101 – Pt.13- Houdini Engine in UE4

Rendering 101 pt. 00- The Overall Plan
Rendering 101 pt. 01- Theory – Raytracing, Pathracting & Monte Carlo
Rendering 101 pt. 02- Theory- Materials, BxDFs, Fresnel & Microfacets
Rendering 101 pt. 03- Theory- Camera Models & Film Response Curves
Rendering 101 pt. 04- Lights – Real World vs. Render Engine
Rendering 101 pt. 05- Studio Introduction _ Light Formers
Rendering 101 pt. 06- Three Point Light (Studio)
Rendering 101 pt. 07- Basic Setup – Mantra
Rendering 101 pt. 08- Basic Setup – Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 09- Basic Setup – Octane
Rendering 101 pt. 10- Basic Setup – RenderMan
Rendering 101 pt. 11- Basic Setup – Arnold
Rendering 101 pt. 12- Basic Setup – V-Ray
Rendering 101 pt. 13- Lighting & Rendering Glass In Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 14- Photon Mapping _ Caustics In Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 15- Volume Shading Principles Demonstrated In Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 16- Subsurface Scattering in Redshift – 3 Flavors
Rendering 101 pt. 17- Displacement in Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 18- Layering Materials (Plus A Bit Of Curvature)
Rendering 101 pt. 19- Faster GI Using Irradiance Caching & Irradiance Point Clouds
Rendering 101 pt. 20- Color Space Basics & Intro to ACES
Rendering 101 pt. 21- Instancing In Redshift (Plus A Bit Of Shading)
Rendering 101 pt. 22- Instancing Using Redshift Proxies
Rendering 101 pt. 23- Building A Procedural Wood Shader In Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 24- Building Non Photorealistic Shaders In Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 25- AOVs In Redshift
Rendering 101 pt. 26- Contemporary Lighting Styles Pt.1 – The Very Simple Ones
Rendering 101 pt. 27- Contemporary Lighting Styles Pt.2 – The (Slightly) More Complex Ones
Rendering 101 pt. 28- Seamless High Key Lighting
Rendering 101 pt. 29- PBR Part 1 – The Physics
Rendering 101 pt. 30- Redshift In Solaris – Specular Lighting
Rendering 101 pt. 31- Guest Tutorial – Additive Particle Shading

UE BlPrnt – Pt.01 Introduction
UE BlPrnt – Pt.02 Physics
UE BlPrnt – Pt.03 Getting Started With Blueprints
UE BlPrnt – Pt.04 Setting Up A Camera
UE BlPrnt – Pt.05 The Mysterious Sphere
UE BlPrnt – Pt.06 Your First Actor
UE BlPrnt – Pt.07 Events
UE BlPrnt – Pt.08 Scene Overview
UE BlPrnt – Pt.09 First Nodes
UE BlPrnt – Pt.10 Recap & Infinite Loop
UE BlPrnt – Pt.11 Variables
UE BlPrnt – Pt.12 Randomness
UE BlPrnt – Pt.13 Setting Up Color
UE BlPrnt – Pt.14 Sending Color to The Actor
UE BlPrnt – Pt.15 Recap & Final Steps
UE BlPrnt – Pt.16 Adding Impulse
UE BlPrnt – Pt.17 Maintaining Velocity & Additional Impulse
UE BlPrnt – Pt.18 Scale Down Animation
UE BlPrnt – Pt.19 Finale – Using For Loops & Spawning Multiple Actors

Vellum 101 pt. 30- Growing Grains
Vellum 101 pt. 31- Attaching Hairs To Softbodies
Vellum 101 pt. 32- Guest Tut – Vellum Sewing Pt. I
Vellum 101 pt. 33- Guest Tut – Vellum Sewing Pt. II
Vellum 101 pt. 34- Guest Tut – Vellum Sewing Pt. III
Vellum 101 Sphere Packing A Surface

[Entagma] Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials (update up to June 2021).7z
[Entagma] Patreon Advanced CG Tutorials (update up to June 2021)_Subtitles.7z

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