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Parabox Character Sculpting with Blender


Release date:2021

Author:Jose Moreno

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this course you will learn the entire workflow to follow to create characters and many of the most important tools that Blender offers us.

What we will see in the course:

The basics of Blender’s sculpt mode

All the brushes and mesh filters in sculpt mode

Practical sculpting exercises

Character project:

1.Blocking our character with basic objects and fundamentals of anatomy

2.Blocking of all accessories with simple objects and basic modeling

3.Polishing of all the body of the character to get a clean model

4.Polishing of all the accesories and the texture detailing of the different materials on the surface

5.Posing of our character

6.Render of our character to create a presentation for the portfolio

Watch online or Download for Free

0-1 Instructor presentation – Jose Moreno
0-2 presentation of the course

1-Sculpting fundamentals in Blender
1-1 the sculpt mode and the brushes
1-2 Configuration of the brushes
1-3 Sculpting methods
1-4 Chess horse
1-5 Cloth filter and mesh filter
1-6 Painting the sculptures
1-7 Blender for sculpting

2-Blocking the anatomy
2-1 analysing and planning the project
2-1 Blocking the head and the thorax
2-2 Blocking the arms and the legs
2-3 Blocking the hands
2-4 Blocking the feet and some adjustments
2-5 Polishing the blocking 1 – upper part of the body
2-6 Polishing the blocking 2 – lower part of the body

3-Blocking the accesories
3-1 Blocking the helmet
3-2 Blocking the cape
3-3 Blocking the shoulder armor
3-4 Blocking the arm armor
3-5 Blocking the belt and the skirt
3-6 Blocking the cloth with cloth simulation
3-7 Blocking the sandals
3-8 Blocking the trident
3-9 Blocking the shield

4-Polishing the body
4-1 Merging all the body with voxel remesh
4-2 Preparing a good topology with quad remesh

5-Polishing the accesories
5-1 objectives of a high poly model
5-1 Retopology of the helmet
5-2 Retopology of the shoulder armor
5-3 Making the helmet holes and some adjustments
5-4 Sculpting the metal textures
5-5 Sculpting the metal texture in the rest of the pieces
5-6 Optimizing and detailing the cloth pieces
5-7 Detailing the trident
5-8 Detailing the trident bandages
5-9 Detailing the shield

6-Posing the character
6-1 Rigging with rigify
6-2 Modeling the base
6-3 Creating the pose
6-4 Cleaning the surface and detailing the base

7-1 Creating the lighting and the materials to make a render for the portfolio

Resources Blender sculpting.7z

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  1. Please upload this courses if possible.
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  2. Hi,
    Courses you provide helps me a lot and I want to enhance my skill and learn advance 3d modeling.
    Can you please provide this course if possible?
    I have been looking for tutorials like this but couldn’t find any.
    Thank You.

  3. Thank you so much sir
    Could you please please upload the Allan Macky bootcamp

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    Please upload this courses if possible.


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