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Penciling and Inking for Comics by Ryan Benjamin


Release date:2020

Duration:13 h 41 m

Author:Ryan Benjamin

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Join instructor Ryan Benjamin for a comprehensive 5-week course on comic book drawing. Throughout the course, you’ll receive expert guidance on various aspects of comic creation, starting with an overview of essential drawing and inking materials. Ryan will delve into cross-hatching techniques and the significance of primitives in building complex forms. From there, you’ll explore applying lighting principles to bring comic characters to life and learn how to construct dynamic comic scenes from scripts. By the end of the course, you’ll master different inking techniques essential for creating professional-grade comics with speed and confidence.

Week 1: Introduction to Drawing Materials, Cross-Hatching, and Primitives
In the first week, Ryan will introduce you to the drawing materials specific to comic art, highlighting the distinctions between fine art and comic drawing. You’ll grasp the basics of cross-hatching and understand how to apply lighting principles to primitive shapes.

Week 2: Applying Lighting Principles to Render Comic Characters
In week two, you’ll advance to applying lighting principles to construct intricate shapes, focusing on rendering light sources on clothed figures. Ryan will provide insights into the core aspects of figure drawing.

Week 3: Exaggerating Poses and Character Concepting
Week three will explore techniques for exaggerating poses and connecting figure parts to convey dynamic action. You’ll practice exaggerating standard superhero poses and delve into character concepting, emphasizing unique features to differentiate characters.

Week 4: Creating Comic Scenes
Week four will guide you through the process of setting up and drawing complete comic scenes. Ryan will demonstrate how to analyze scripts, sketch rough panel layouts, and meticulously block in details to bring scenes to life.

Week 5: Inking Techniques
In the final week, you’ll learn various inking techniques used in professional comics. Ryan will demonstrate inking animal and human portraits, focusing on creating surface textures and utilizing line quality to depict light sources effectively.

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[New Masters Academy] Penciling and Inking for Comics by Ryan Benjamin
Week 1 – Materials, Cross-Hatching – Primitives

01 – Materials – Pencilling – HD
02 – Materials – Inking – HD
05 – Drawing for Traditional Art – HD
06 – Drawing for Comics and How to Crosshatch – HD
07 – Using Primitives to Construct Forms
08 – Assignment
09 – Assignment

Week 2 – Applying Primitives Lighting Principles to Render Comic Characters

02 – Drawing Basic Primitive Shapes With Energy – HD
03 – Rendering Primitives for Figures – HD
04 – Continued – HD
05 – Designing a Character Using Primitives – HD
06 – Assignment – HD
07 – Assignment – HD

Week 3 – Exaggerating the Poses and Character Concepting

02 – Overview of the Core – HD
03 – How to Push Standard Superhero Poses – HD
04 – Working on Feminine Poses – HD
05 – Creating a Female Character – HD
06 – Character Concepting – HD
07 – Drawing Two Characters of Different Body Shapes and Ages – HD
08 – Continued
09 – Assignment Instructions – HD

Week 4 – Setting up and Drawing a Comic Scene

01 – Intro to the Script, Spacing, and Framing – HD
04 – How to Set Up a Scene and Block In the First Page – HD
05 – Continue to Block In the First Page – HD
06 – Adding Details and Tone to the First Page – HD
07 – Working on the Second Page – HD
08 – Assignment – HD
09 – Assignment – HD

Week 5 – Inking Techniques for Comics

02 – Different Inking Techniques – HD
03 – Inking Special Effects and the Eyes – HD
04 – Inking an Animal – HD
05 – Inking a Human Portrait – HD
06 – Creating Different Surface Textures – HD
07 – Assignment – HD
08 – Assignment – HD

[New Masters Academy] Penciling and Inking for Comics by Ryan Benjamin_Subtitles.7z

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