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Dynamic Gesture Drawing with Joshua Jacobo (Live Class, +Reference, +Assignments)


Release date:2022, January 15

Author:Joshua Jacobo

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this 8-week Live Class, Dynamic Gesture Drawing, presented by NMA founder Joshua Jacobo, master draftsperson Glenn Vilppu will teach you a drawing approach rooted in the Renaissance tradition yet applicable today in the world of fine art, animation, and illustration. Glenn will lecture on the concepts of gesture and rendering that will aid in the development of your figure drawings. Using a variety of drawing mediums, you will gain the knowledge needed to break down complex forms into simpler ideas, and at the same time, better your understanding of the human anatomy. Through Old Master analysis, you will examine the concepts presented in Glenn’s lectures. This course will provide you with the real-time practice needed to take your figure drawings to new heights.

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  1. Thanks for all the classes…. if you can guys, get some new will weston drawing america courses… anyways thanks a lot…. ♥️

  2. hey, are you alright? you haven’t uploaded anything recently. i hope everything’s ok (not asking for content, just concerned)

  3. Thank you for this amazing course.
    Can you please upload this course from coloso:

    Dynamic action illustration.

    • $7z x References.7z.001

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      1 file, 1073741824 bytes (1024 MiB)

      Extracting archive: References.7z.001
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      Type = Split
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      Headers Size = 9409
      Method = LZMA2:28
      Solid = +
      Blocks = 1

      Everything is Ok

      Folders: 10
      Files: 430
      Size: 1704569405
      Compressed: 1660082350

      most probably the network issue

  4. Hi and Thank you for uploading this course, I would like to ask if you can also upload

    “Express Yourself with Character Creation Ideation by RinoTuna”

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