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Drawing with force by Mike Mattesi


Release date:2019, December

Author:Mike Mattesi

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Drawing with FORCE
In this 9-week course, author and instructor Mike Mattesi will introduce you to his FORCE drawing methodology. You will learn a figure drawing process rooted in the physics of motion. Mike will go step by step from setting up your drawing space to understanding gravity’s force on the figure. You will learn key elements such as applied force, rhythm, and the leading edge; from there, improve your understanding of the figure and effectively capture it on the page. Through this course, Mike will take drawing the figure beyond just observation and introduce it in a way that relies on physicality.

Week 1: Introduction to FORCE and Materials
In week one, Mike will introduce you to the key concepts of drawing with FORCE. You will learn about the experience of force and how to control your line while drawing. Mike will share with you the different ways to set up a drawing space and the materials he uses when drawing with FORCE.

Week 2: The Gravity Guide
In week two, Mike will demonstrate a major component of FORCE drawing; the gravity guide. You will learn how to interpret the force of gravity on the model; it allows you to correctly distribute the weight of the figure evenly on the page.

Week 3: Applied Forces and FORCE Experiences
In week three, you will learn to draw the figure with rhythm, utilizing directional lines and applied forces. Mike will teach you how to break each pose into simple forms to determine the direction of force. You will practice drawing with FORCE digitally using different brushes available.

Week 4: The Leading Edge
In week four, Mike will introduce you to a concept used in FORCE drawing called the leading edge. You will learn how the model moves in space and decipher the actions required to create the pose.

Week 5: L.A.L.A
In week five, you will learn how to utilize the concept of L.A.L.A in your figure drawings. Mike will demonstrate how location, apexes, length, and angles play a crucial role in drawing with accuracy.

Week 6: Torso Templates
In week six, Mike introduce you to the idea of templates and the different figure torsos used in FORCE drawing. You will learn to examine each pose and decide which type of torso to use while illustrating it. Mike will also cover how to write ideas for the figure and translate those into a drawing.

Week 7: Leg Templates
In week seven, Mike will demonstrate the different leg templates used in FORCE drawing. You will learn to draw the legs correctly to give your drawing support and rigidity. Mike will show you how to establish a strong base for the feet to support the gravity of the torso.

Week 8: Arms, Neck, and Head Templates
In week eight, you will discover the arm, head, and neck templates used in FORCE drawing. Mike will teach you the rhythms and structures of the arm while analyzing its functions. Then, you will learn how to place the head and neck in the correct position within your drawing to give it believability.

Week 9: Line and Grid Phrases
In week nine, Mike will introduce you to FORCE line. You will apply generic, apex, and specific lines to your figure drawing. Mike will demonstrate using a grid to advance through all the phases of drawing with FORCE.

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