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Comics I – Intro to Sequential Art by George Pratt


Release date:2023

Duration:19 h 41 m

Author:George Pratt

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this 12-week course, renowned comic and fine artist George Pratt will teach you the fundamentals of comics and sequential art. You will learn how to turn a story into a visual narrative. George will demonstrate how to make layouts and breakdown sketches, the critical components of composing a story.
He will lecture on the foundational elements that are the building blocks of a comic book page. You will examine the work of master comic illustrators as George lectures on their techniques. After this course, you will have the knowledge to tell compelling visual stories.

Week 1: Introduction to Comics and Sequential Art
Week 2: Developing Sequential Art Through Layouts
Week 3: Sketching to Improve Your Storytelling
Week 4: The Importance of Reference
Week 5: Utilizing Reference
Week 6: Elements of a Page
Week 7: Spreads, Camera Angles, and Gestures
Week 8: Layouts, Scale, and Composition
Week 9: Readability of the Page
Week 10: Choosing the Moment
Week 11: Shooting and Making Use of Reference
Week 12: Comic Covers and Styles

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Week 01

01 – Introduction to Sequential Art
02 – Overview of Georges Career
03 – Introduction to Sketchbooking and Morocco Excursion
04 – Comic Book Materials Overview
05 – Materials Assignment

Week 02

01 – Introduction to Layouts
02 – Overview of Pratts Comic Layouts
03 – Exploring Materials while Sketchbooking

Week 03

01 – Exploring Mark-Making through Sketchbooking
02 – Overlap Demonstration and Assignment

Week 04

01 – Where Do Ideas Come From
02 – Introduction to Panels
03 – Learning from the Masters

Week 05

01 – Visual Storytelling through Photojournalist
02 – Utilizing Found Reference

Week 06

01 – Elements of a Page
02 – Action Assignment

Week 07

01 – The Double Page Spread
02 – Using Gesture to Tell a Story
03 – Identifying Tangents
04 – Short Variation Demonstration and Assignment

Week 08

01 – Overview of Layouts and Breakdowns
02 – Composition and Mark Making in Storytelling
03 – Storyboard Assignment
04 – View Distance Analysis

Week 09

01 – Panel Arrangements
02 – Lettering and Word Balloons Overview
03 – Sound Effects Analysis
04 – 22 Panels that Always Work
05 – The Importance of Silhouette
06 – Importance of the Oblique Angles
07 – Birds-Eye View and Worms-Eye View

Week 10

01 – Choosing the Moment
02 – Overview of Pencilling
03 – Inking and Mark-Making
04 – Master Copy Assignment

Week 11

01 – Translating Photo Reference to Art
02 – Collecting Your Own Photo Reference
03 – Photoshoot Demonstration

Week 12

01 – Cover Art Overview
02 – Different Styles in Sequential Art
03 – Jack London Assignment
04 – Comic Cover Bonus Assignment
05 – Outro

Comics I – Intro to Sequential Art.7z.001.rar
Comics I – Intro to Sequential Art.7z.002.rar
[New Masters Academy] Comics I – Intro to Sequential Art by George Pratt_Subtitles.7z

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  1. Has anyone else had trouble unraring the bonus / supplement files ? Downloaded both parts and it opens to another (smaller) rar file. When clicking on that, The Unarchiver just says the file is incomplete.

    The file for this is much larger than the one offered in the other older Pratt course: Does this have more material than that one?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Hello strawberry. How are you?

    Please can you tell me which software you use to download the videos on New Masters Academy? I tried several but was unsuccessful with most, and the ones that worked left crashes and audio out of sync.

    If you don’t want to respond here, you can leave a reply to my email: be###


    • hey, we used some of the Chrome plugins to download nma videos. If they change smth in their security, you can share your account details, we will look into it

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