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Sketching Everything with KleinerHai


Release date:2023


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Unleash the worlds within you. Under the guidance of acclaimed illustrator KleinerHai, sketching will become so much more than just lines on paper – it will become your bridge to endless possibilities. You’ll learn to sketch everything from monumental landscapes down to intricate life details, crafting universes with every stroke. Inspiration isn’t something you wait for; it’s something you wield. A new world is only a few sketches away.

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[Learn Squared] Sketching Everything with KleinerHai
01. Establishing the World

1. Meet Kleiner
2. Establishing the World Course Overview
3. What Kleiner will be creating
4. Companion COurse Preview


1. Why Create your own World
2. Coming up with a Concept
3. Project Creation Tips
4. Reference Gathering
5. Studying the Masters
6. Listing your ideas
7. Planning Homework


1. Sketching Basics Intro
2. Breaking Down Compositions
3. Composition Breakdown Homework
4. Perspective Lines
5. Camera Angles
6. Perspective Homework
7. Basic Linework
8. Linework Practice Homework


1. Brainstorming Intro
2. Port Scene from the Beach
3. Port Scene from the water
4. Port Scene from the Buindings
5. Lively Port Scene
6. First Brainstorm Sketching Homework


1. Lanscape Sketches Intro
2. Faraway Island View
3. Sprawling City View
4. Multi Layered Scene
5. Landscape Brainstorming Homework


1. Whats we have created

01. Introduction

1. Lesson Overview Finalizing Sketches

02. Character Sheets

1. Character Sheets Intro
2. Boatman Character Sheet
3. Peddler Character Sheet
4. General Citizen Character Sheets
5. Character Sheet Homework

02. City Brainstorming

1. Lesson Overview City Brainstorming
2. City Brainstorming introduction


1. Tips for General Scene
2. Crowded Street
3. Market Street
4. Street view from a Window
5. General Scenes Homework


1. Tips for Specialized locations
2. Bird House
3. Merchant Shops
4. Barbershop
5. Bar
6. School
7. School Daily Life
8. Specialized Locations Homework


1. City Brainstorming recap

03. Character Brainstorming
1. Introduction

1. Lesson Overview Character Brainstorming
2. Figure Sketching Basics
3. Figure Sketching Basic Homework

2. Character Brainstorm Sketches

1. Boatman
2. Peddler
3. General Citizen
4. Character Brainstorm Homework

3. Citizen Context Explorations

1. Citizen Context Exploration Intro
2. General Citizen Exploration
3. People at the Harbor
4. People at the Bar
5. People at the Market
6. Citizen Contexts Exploration Homework

4. Conclusion

1. Character Brainstorming Recap

03. Color Sketching Basics

1. Color Practice Intro
2. Coloring in the Lines
3. Greyscale to Color
4. Coloring over the Lines
5. Color Sketching Basic Homework

04. Character Color Frames

1. Character Color Frames Intro
2. Boatman in action
3. Boatman Color
4. Final Boatman Color Frame
5. Peddler Details
6. Peddler in the Color
7. Character Color Frames Homework

05. Location Line Art Refinement

1. Location Line art refinement intro
2. School Cleanup
3. School Refinement
4. Barbershop Refinement
5. Location Line Art refinement Homework

06. Location Color Sketch

1. Location Color Sketch Intro
2. Barbershop Initial Colors
3. Barbershop Detail Colors
4. Initial Figure Color
5. Defining the Customers
6. Barbershop last looks
7. Location Color Sketch Homework

07. Environment Value Sketch

1. Creating Large scale environment plans
2. Environment Value Sketch Intro
3. Main Value Sketch
4. Defining the City View
5. Refining Individual Buildings
6. Environment Value Sketch Homework

08. Environment Line Art

1. Environment Line Art Intro
2. Lively Port Scene
3. Lively Port Scene Close ups
4. Brid House Line Art
5. Bird House detail close ups
6. Bird Close Ups
7. Environment Line Art Homework

09. Environment Exploration

1. Environment Exploration Intro
2. Marketview Explorations
3. Market Stall Details
4. Environment Exploration Homework

10. Conclusion

1. Remaining Finished Sketches Homework
2. Coming up in the next course


Announcement Stream Process Video

[Learn Squared] Sketching Everything with KleinerHai_Subtitles.7z

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