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Motion Beast

Release date:2019

Duration:12 h 15 m

Author:Motion Design School

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The course will help you overcome AE-related barriers and fears which are standing between you and the wonderful world of animation and motion design

After Effects is hard to grasp

Confusing tools that don’t behave the way they should. All those new hotkeys, a brush that will not draw, let alone pixel perfect animation.

While working on wonderful animations we will go through all AE tools and panels step by step. All that to make sure you know what each hotkey stands for and how to finally make this damn brush draw

Learning on Youtube is tedious

There are tons of youtube tutorials teaching to make one or another effect. But it’s far from certain that it will become the best solution for your problem. There is not much use in such learning and it’s hardly structured.

We’ve developed a structured course that will make you certain of what tools to use for each case in your projects.

Animations aren’t smooth enough

You’ve tried to recreate other artists’ work, but your animation still looks laggy and far from smooth? Usually, that’s the theory behind the animation that is missing.

On this course, we pay special attention to Disney’s animation movement principles that can bring you closer to that desired smoothness.

Projects are too complex

You’ve just finished a huge project but you have a hard time with any request for subtle changes? It’s hard to work on a project that doesn’t have a system in it.

Starting from the first day we will steadily increase complexity and bring a systematic approach to both small and big projects.

Scripts & expressions are terrifying

AE is complicated enough, and there are also scripts and expressions. Making an animation manually takes loads of time. Instead, you can learn a few lines of code, create a few variables and your progress will skyrocket!

You will not only learn how to make expressions, but you will also get some top-notch lifesaving scripts developed by us to help you.

It’s too time consuming

Maybe you just avoid animations because you feel like you will waste a lot of time without learning much? Or you tried learning animation and realized that creating something worthwhile will take weeks or even months?

In Motion Beast course you will see your progress right at the very first classes, which will save you loads of time when working on your future projects.

Is this course for me?

We created this course with motion designers and illustrators on our mind, but we’ve received positive feedback from a very broad audience. If you feel the desire to make smooth animations — we are here for you.

Beginners and advanced motion designers

If you are only starting your journey or you are already in the industry and looking for a solid bullshit-free theoretical foundation and up-to-date practice — you are in the right place.

Illustrators and people of art

Looking for ways to make your art look more alive? Tired of static images? Imagine what you can achieve if you learn how to animate your illustrations.

Graphic and User Interface designers

We will give you the foundation that will help you animate any interface or branded graphics. No more templates and boring motionless projects!

Videographers and video industry specialists

Although we do not focus on video production, montage or compositing, we give a solid foundation for motion design. With it you can add stylish transitions, captions, text animations and other useful tricks.

Marketing experts and social media managers

Video is the cornerstone of marketing. Tired of waiting for designers to create a simple square video with flying text for Facebook? You will be surprised how easily you can make one on your own.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and self-development enthusiasts

Whether you run your online business, host webinars or just search for your future profession, having knowledge of how to make whatever you do attractive is a must-have.

What will I learn in a Motion Beast course?

Everything from After Effects basics to character rigging and frame by frame animation. We are constantly improving our curriculum with each new feedback from our students to make it even better and broader.

Table of Contents

1. Interface, Transform Properties (16:58)
2. Shape Layers & Masks (35:14)
3. Shape Modifiers (36:59)
4. Easings (22:41)
5. Effects & Stylization. Part 1 (20:36)
6. Effects & Stylization. Part 2 (21:20)
7. Loops (13:27)
8. Text Animation (20:59)
9. Morphings (12:02)
10. Lettering Animation (24:41)
11. Optimize Your Workflow (17:39)
12. Logo Animation (15:16)
13. Expressions. Part 1 (23:40)
14. Expressions. Part 2 (21:10)
15. Export to JavaScript and 12 Animation Principles (16:29)
16. Character Animation. Walks (17:17)
17. Character Animation. Runs (17:16)
18. Rigging (29:25)
19. Pseudo 3D & Face Rig (22:49)
20. Facial Animation (25:14) new!
21. Path Animation (30:07) new!
22. Frame by Frame animation (44:03) new!
23. Frame by Frame animation. Part 2 (37:36) new!

Watch online or Download for Free

01. Interface, Transform Properties Motion Design School
02. Shape Layers & Masks PracticeHome Task Motion Design Scho
03. How to — 3D Hamburger Menu
03. How to — PLAY
03. Shape Modifiers PracticeAdvanced PracticeHomeworkHow to —
04. Easings PracticeAdvanced PracticeHomeworkPortfolio shotHo
04. How to — Homework #3 1
04. How to — Homework #3 2
05. Effects & Stylization. Part 1 PracticeHomeworkHow to — Ho
05. How to — Homework#4
06. Effects & Stylization. Part 2 PracticeHomeworkPortfolio s
06. How to — Helix with Repeater
07. Loops PracticeHomework Motion Design School
08. Text Animation PracticeHomework Motion Design School
09. Morphings PracticeHomework Motion Design School
10. Lettering Animation Motion Design School
11. Optimize Your Workflow Motion Design School
12. Logo Animation Motion Design School
13. Expressions. Part 1 PracticeHomework Motion Design Schoo
14. Expressions. Part 2 PracticeUseful expressionsHomework M
15. Export to JavaScript and 12 Animation Principles Homewor
16. Character Animation. Walks TempoHomework Motion Design S
17. Character Animation. Runs Practice HomeworkUseful Materi
18. Rigging PracticeRubber Hose 2Homework Motion Design Scho
19. Pseudo 3D & Face Rig PracticeJoysticks & SlidersHomework
20. Facial Animation Motion Design School
21. Path Animation Motion Design School
22. Frame by Frame animation Shortcuts Motion Design School
23. Frame-by-frame Animation p.2 Motion Design School
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-00
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-01
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-02
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-03
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-04
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-05
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-06
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-07
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-08
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-09
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-10
24. Portfolio shots – Motion Design School-11
Motiondesign – Motion Beast – html files.7z
Motiondesign – Motion Beast – Project Files.7z

AVC, 1912×1088, 16:9, 30.000 FPS, 234 kb/s ~ 1632 kb/s
AAC, 48.0 KHz, 64.0 Kbps, 2 channels

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  1. The videos are kind of laggy and its little bit hard to watch ! do you it will be ok after the conversion ?

    • of cause, it will be ok. I’ve tuned this system for months )
      Motion beast transcoding queue is about couple of hours.

  2. Man, you’re the best! 😀 I couldn’t find these courses anywhere! This is the only site I trust and use regularly nowadays. Please keep on adding more courses from Motion Design School & School of Motion!

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        — JUST FOUND THIS SITE U Guys are doing god works… thank you.

  3. Hello. thank you so so much for this!

    However, was it supposed to come with the “Cinema 4d Journey” ? because it seems this is only the after effects tutorials.
    I appreciate your hardwork!

  4. Thank you very much for this course. My listening skill not well. I wonder there is any way to get sub eng file ?. Thank you.

  5. where is the introduction lecture ?
    it’s so important because it’s contain password of facebook group
    please can you make it available

  6. Hi thank you for your tremendous effort to provide us such wonderfull courses.
    I couldn’t find a way to send a direct message, guess i will do it here. Do you jave a website where you upload courses on other topocs such as marketing, programing? There are new rich courses such as (pirple – SaaS) course, amazing stuff…
    If you don’t, can you recommend a website that jas the same features as yours, so i don’t need to download.
    I’m very grateful about your website, and having a notification of your telegram channel makes my heart beats

  7. hi, first of all, i can’t believe there is someone who is trying to help ppl like you, you are amazing.
    secondly, can i ask if you have a website such as this one with videos online to watch?
    a website for programing stuff like this. thank you.
    [email protected]

    • I know for programming. Do not have time to watch movies, can’t recommend any resources ))

  8. could you please post “Science of Character Animation” by Markus Magnusson from
    tnx for great courses

  9. Hi Strawberry. First of all thanks a lot for the effort you’ve put into this, really.

    Second thing, when I click on any of the links, it says “Database Error:
    Failed connecting to the database with the supplied connection details. Please check the details are correct and your MySQL user has permissions to access this database.”

    Is it because the server or something or because me?


  10. Hey great job on this motion beast…
    I tried to extract the zipped file and its read path not specified, how can I fix this I used winrar to extract or which should I use to extract project files and html …
    Thanks great job again

    • The only way I’ve found is opening the .html file whit the notepad, copy de code and paste it into Dreamweaver, you can already see the live version of the code and download all the stuff related to the lesson searching for the links in the code. Hope it works for you! Happy learning.

    • Archives: 1
      Packed Size: 268394310 bytes (255 MiB) Folders: 122 Files: 680
      Size: 521291242 bytes (497 MiB)
      There are no errors

    Please kindly post the links to get these courses
    Thanks great job 🙂

  12. Thanks for the share. Pls upload Explainer Camp by School of Motion. That will be highly appreciated. Thanks again

  13. Hello Admin,

    Thanks for all your courses, you are helping more for us with highest cost of these courses, while we strugging financially…
    i would like to request one course…That school of motions explainer camp, and Cinema 4d basecamp….Here i got the like to download these
    courses but unfortunately i don’t have a credit card to register this website….
    Course Link:

    Please download these courses and help us

    Thank you so much again for all your support

  14. can u add this course
    The Ultimate Hyper-Casual Guide With Unity

  15. Hey, how can I launch the files hmtl, Every time a tried it says file not found 🙁
    thank you again for this, it’s really helpful more when you can’t afford it

  16. Hello, th portfolio videos are coming in another language can you please provide them in English and by the way thi is the only site I’ve seen that gives us both download and play options kudos on the thought buddy

  17. Thanks!!!! great Job!

    Please. Could you upload this course?:

  18. Please, can your share this course from Motion Design School when available, it’s a new course
    And thank you soo muuch ✌️

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