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Mastering Romantic Scene Craft: Conveying Emotion and Atmosphere with Charm – 감정과 분위기를 매력적으로 전달하는 로맨스씬 [Coloso, Ramjak, Group Buy]


Release date:2022, April

Duration:11 h 57 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Essential Insights for Aspiring Webtoon Writers: Character Settings, Storytelling, and Drawing Know-How

Embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of character settings and storytelling crucial for any aspiring webtoon writer. We generously share invaluable know-how to guide you through the art of vividly expressing emotions, charming gestures, and character expressions through drawing.

For those dreaming of becoming webtoon writers, particularly those envisioning captivating couples in their narratives, the challenge lies in representing an attractive figure within your work. This lecture addresses this challenge, offering insights into creating a complete story without compromising character settings and storytelling. Ramzak, a beloved webtoon writer, shares his expertise in the drama genre of Resin Comics, providing everything you need to serialize a feature-length work.

In this class, you will not only learn attractive directing and manuscript production skills but also unfold the dream of becoming a successful webtoon artist.

We present core practical know-how directly applicable to the drama romance genre webtoon, ensuring a grand opening to your webtoon writing journey.

Debuting as a webtoon writer involves mastering various skills, including scenario directing, ambassadorship, character writing, color, and program usage. However, we understand that many aspiring writers face temporal or monetary constraints. In this lecture, we aim to alleviate this burden by focusing on story design, storytelling techniques, readability directing, and character expressions—providing essential skills directly applicable to webtoon practice.

Discover the crucial importance of designing starring characters and explore five storytelling techniques essential for creating a solid and workable manuscript.

We delve into the art of good readability, emphasizing cut composition and atmosphere adjustment to align with the artist’s intent. Learn the intricacies of “Directing” in webtoons, enabling you to accurately convey your intentions through real-world scenario examples.

Explore character creation techniques that vividly convey the emotions of your characters, emphasizing realistic acting, particularly crucial in the drama genre. Delve into the nuances of gaze as a powerful tool for representing emotional and psychological expressions both directly and indirectly.

Join us in this comprehensive lecture, where we generously share the core skills needed to create the characters you desire and craft a special, attractive, and dramatic webtoon.

You can find more details by following this link.

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