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Production Concept Art by Jan Urschel


Release date:2018, November

Author:Jan Urschel

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Your concept art will never be the same. Industry veteran Jan Urschel is here to show you how to build major production assets following a professional brief. By covering architecture, design and visualization, learn to approach your concept art from a theoretical and technical standpoint. With Jan’s help, learn how to be a DOP of your own creations.

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1. Planning
1. Introduction

Course Overview
Lesson Overview Planning

2. Planning

Creatibe Brief

3. Modo

2D vs 3D

4. Octane

Altering Existing Materials
Environment Settings
Exporting Material Presets
Material Override
Post Processing
Render Settings

5. Ideation Phase

Final Sketch
First Sketch
Second Sketch
Sketch Paintover
Sketch Render
Standard Scene
Third Sketch
Warmup Modeling

6. Conclusion

Homework Planning

7. Bonus

November 20, 2018
Pablos Journey Planning

2. Production
1. Introduction

Lesson Overview Production

2. Pushing your Design

First Read
Human Sized Elements
Secondary Shapes
Surrounding Elements

3. Texturing your Asset

Material Research

4. Paintover

Photoshop Paintover

5. Conclusion

Homework Production

6. Bonus

November 27, 2018
Pablos Journey Production


Application Bonus
First Read Bonus
Human Sized Elements Bonus
Photoshop Paintover Bonus

3. Framing the Shot
1. Introduction

Lesson Overview Framing the Shot

2. Cinematic Theory

Camera Fundamentals

3. Planning Your Environment

Environment Brief Buider
Environment Research

4. Application

Environment & Intergration
Outer Details

5. Conclusion

Homework Framing the Shot

6. Bonus

December 11, 2018
Pablos Journey Framing the Shot

7. Unedited

Environment and Integration Bonus
Freaming Bonus
Outer Details Bonus

4. Bringing It Together
1. Introduction

Lesson Overview Brinf it together

2. Final Compositions


3. Final Paintover

Final Materials

4. Conclusion

Homework Bring it Together

5. Bonus Materials

December 18, 2018
Pablos Journey Bringing it Together


Final Materials Bonus
Lighting Bonus
Photobashing Bonus

[Learn Squared] Production Concept Art by Jan Urschel.7z.001.rar
[Learn Squared] Production Concept Art by Jan Urschel.7z.002.rar
[Learn Squared] Production Concept Art by Jan Urschel_Subtitles.7z

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