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Introduction to 3D Coat


Release date:2017, February

Duration:03 h 46 m

Author:Robert Alvord

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What Will I Learn?
By the end of this course, you will have learned the user interface, understand 3D Coat’s terminology, including what voxels are, and be able to move between the major functions of the program.

Just an internet connection. No materials or software are required, but following along with at least a trial version of 3D Coat will help.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to a magnificent multi-purpose 3D modeling tool, called 3D Coat (I cover this using version 4.0.04B). With this program, you can sculpt hard and organic surface creations using Voxels, retopologize your sculptures, UV unwrap them, paint directly on them (while baking high-poly details onto lower poly meshes, and export in a number of formats). This course includes almost 4 hours of instruction and is aimed at beginners to advanced 3D hobbyists and professionals who want to get familiar with 3D Coat for the first time. Students will receive custom user interface themes created by the instructor, as a bonus.

What else will you get?
This course is intended for NEW TO ADVANCED USERS wishing to get familiar with 3D Coat for the first time.

Table of Contents

What makes 3D Coat different? 13:51
Course Overview 00:42
Major Benefits and Disadvantages of 3D Coat 02:44
What is a Voxel? 07:54
Disadvantages to Voxels 02:31

The User Interface 29:01
Introduction to the User Interface 11:32
Controls and Selections 17:29

The Voxel Room 01:27:49
Introduction to the Voxel Room 27:16
Importing Into the Voxel Room 10:54
Exporting From the Voxel Room 05:29
Voxel Room Brushes 25:06
Shaders 07:49
Voxel Room Materials and Masks 03:13
The Vox Tree 08:02

The Retopo Room 19:10
Introduction to the Retopo Room 19:10

The UV Room 09:35
3D Coat UV Room 09:35

The Paint Room 39:33
Introducing the Paint Room – Part 1 05:21
Introducing the Paint Room – Part 2 23:07
The Texture Editor 04:12
Exporting Models and Textures 06:53

The Tweak Room 04:19
Introduction to the Tweak Room 04:19

The Render Room 08:12
Introduction to the Render Room 08:12

Customizing the User Interface 09:34
Customizing the User Interface 09:34

Conclusion / Recap 04:58
Course Recap 04:58

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