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How to Create in 3D Character Concept Art by Val Orlov


Release date:2022, December

Duration:02 h 50 m

Author:Val Orlov

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Embark on a journey through the complete character creation process, from conception to the final captivating result.

This course spans across 5 sequential lessons, each building upon the previous one. It’s designed to streamline your production process, leveraging fundamental tools for sketching, modeling, and sculpting, allowing you to develop an efficient pipeline for realizing any creative concept.

Course Overview:

  • Generating Ideas and Sketching: Initiate your creative journey by generating ideas and translating them into sketches.
  • Base Modeling, Sculpting, and Clothing Creation: Dive into the foundational stages, crafting the base model, sculpting details, and fashioning character attire.
  • Crafting the Final 3D Model: Refine your model, adding intricate details and honing the character’s essence.
  • Illumination, Materialization, and Rendering: Explore lighting techniques, material application, and the rendering process to bring your creation to life.
  • Overpainting and Post-processing: Polish your rendered output through overpainting and post-processing techniques to achieve the desired visual finesse.

This course is a comprehensive guide allowing you to conceive an idea and materialize it into a three-dimensional reality. It focuses on providing you with the necessary tools and methodologies to accelerate your production process and transform your creative visions into tangible 3D art.

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