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Mirror Dimension – Houdini & Nuke VFX Course by Voxyde


Release date:2022, September


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course is an immersive journey into the creation of a mesmerizing portal effect. Here’s what you’ll explore step-by-step:

Glass Shards Creation: We kick things off by crafting glass shards using a unique fracturing technique, setting the stage for our portal.

Portal Animation: Through a combination of SOP-level nodes, we’ll animate the portal’s opening. This setup grants us unparalleled control over shard movement, spread, and rotation in real-time, devoid of any reliance on simulations.

Environment Creation: Following this, we’ll construct the surrounding terrain and environment. Additionally, we’ll delve into an efficient method for generating a nebula by fusing simulations with diverse noise setups post-simulation. We’ll harness moving shards to generate extra particles that contribute to the magical essence of the effect.

Optimized Simulations and Rendering: Throughout this section, we’ll address various hurdles commonly encountered during pyro and POPs simulations, offering optimal solutions for expeditious results. Rendering everything using Redshift, we’ll explore the usage of Redshift proxies to accelerate render times. I’ll also share my preferred approach to setting up scenes for smoother compositing.

Nuke Compositing: In the Nuke section, we bring the elements together. This segment involves assembling all rendered layers from Houdini, using these layers as a foundation to create new elements like fog and background atmospheres. Additionally, we’ll create a simple yet effective particle system to layer atop our composition, adding depth and richness to the final effect.

This course offers a comprehensive dive into creating a captivating portal effect, providing detailed insights and strategies every step of the way. Join us in crafting this enchanting visual spectacle!

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